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Home to multiple amenities, expansive outdoor spaces and a variety of events and special programs, Newmarket, Ontario, is quickly becoming a prime spot for affordable real estate and sustainable living. From being an early settlement in the 1800s to a thriving town in the 20th century, it has grown substantially, turning into a site of growth for many financial industries that significantly boost its liveability. As a result, many residents do not commute for more than an hour to get to work, as Newmarket offers many jobs in its multiple growing sectors. Other notable landmarks such as the Upper Canada Mall, the Main Street Heritage District and the Fairy Lake Conservation Area highlight the urbanity, history, culture and green living that are available to many Newmarket residents. It is also one of the safest townships in Ontario, increasing the appeal of this township for people all over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Existing residents of Newmarket are not found wanting in terms of horizontal space above ground; however, they may find that their current homes were built on older foundations, including neglected basements. New, prospective Newmarket residents move there for more affordable living and to enjoy the balance of urban amenities and the charm of a small town but may find it challenging to find a space that accommodates them. As a Newmarket homeowner, renovating a basement can address all these problems and more.

Using Newmarket Basements

It is usually the homeowner’s responsibility to check their Newmarket basements for any issues that may arise. In recent times and with busier, modern lifestyles, this might be difficult to do, especially if the basement or crawlspace was already damaged and neglected. While ignoring it may provide temporary relief, it can cause new issues to arise. Structural problems, such as cracked foundations, tend to lead to other difficulties, like flooded basements and pest infestations. The aftermath of having flooded basements and neglected structural weaknesses can cause the main floor of your house to weaken. Newmarket is particularly prone to having colder winters, which means that the ice on the ground may cause the foundations of your house to bend or crack. In turn, this can negatively impact your home and lifestyle. Uninsulated pipes can cause even more of a headache in the winter.
The dark, humid conditions of a basement are also the perfect environment for mould and fungus. Other pests such as rats, raccoons and insects can invade your home without you realising it.

Newmarket basement renovations provide permanent relief and easier management of your basement. With careful planning and a clear goal for your basement functions, you can turn an abandoned basement into a thriving underground floor that gives you and your family more room to grow.

It can be an entertainment area, for example, with a home theatre, a home office, indoor gym or games room – or all of these, at the same time. Newmarket basement finishes can even include having modular counters and kitchens for entertaining family and friends. The right architecture and materials can keep not just the heat in the basement, but manage the noise level significantly without dampening your entertainment experiences as well. This ensures that your new renovated Newmarket basement does not interfere with your lifestyle aboveground.

Residential spaces and basement units are the most popular use of a basement in growing communities. Newmarket basement units – otherwise known as secondary suites or in-law suites – are a great way of introducing an entirely new living space to your home. At the same time, it is a permanent solution against basement neglect. Residential basement units have the added benefit of providing the homeowner with an extra source of income by renting the basement units out to aspiring Newmarket residents who want to start their lives in the bustling centre north of the GTA. With rent prices usually beginning at $1000, it can be a lucrative source of income for the potential landlord and provide a spacious living space for the future tenant.

All finished Newmarket basements must abide by Ontario Building Code as well as local regulations for basement renovations, ensuring that renovated Newmarket basements are fit for residential purposes. This includes being fitted with the right sized windows to let in natural light, the correct piping, wiring and plumbing for any bathroom spaces and to ensure that the basement is well-lit, and so forth. Newmarket basement units can also have private bedroom spaces, living rooms and kitchens.

Finished Basement Projects Newmarket

Finished Basement has more than 20 years of experience and has worked on renovating more than 2000 basements all over Ontario. With Finished Basement, you can be rest assured that your finished Newmarket basement gets the quality renovation that your household deserves. Our award-winning design and construction team has worked on all kinds of foundations, new and old, and have improved and elevated these spaces from damaged and forgotten to contemporary and modern. Much of our work at the Finished Basement is delivered efficiently. Our materials come from trusted international partners from all over the globe, stored in our warehouse and delivered to any finished basement project site without any delay. We beat all our competitors by producing Newmarket basement finishes in just two weeks. Our team does not just save you time, but money, too: directly sourcing our materials helps you save up to 40% of total basement renovation costs. Additionally, we promise to beat all written quotes brought to us by 5%, bringing your savings up to 45%.

Contact us today to receive a free quote. The Finished Basement team, at your discretion, can personally visit the basement space to ensure that you receive the most accurate quote you can get – no hidden costs, and no cut corners. You can also visit our newest showroom in Mississauga to view the design and construction possibilities of your future finished Newmarket basement. Work with Finished Basement today and get your lifelong investment with a basement renovation.

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