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Oshawa, Ontario is the central hub for economic and urban activity in the Durham region. Alongside its neighbours, Oshawa sits at the coast of Lake Ontario, and offers mostly ultra-urban and contemporary amenities to the south and spacious, rural properties to the north. Over the years, it has experienced massive growth from being a fur trading hub in the 1700s to being the ‘Automotive Capital of Canada’ up until the recent years. Its residents vary from busy, working class individuals with varied circumstances, to impressionable and excitable youth and university students. In turn, Oshawa reflects the diversity in lifestyles through the variation in its downtown amenities, services and culture.

Education attracts the younger crowd to the town, with Durham College, Trent University and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) located in Oshawa. Art also finds a home in this community, which has the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and the Tribute Centre within its borders. A multitude of events usually run through the streets, making downtown Oshawa just as lively as downtown Toronto, without the fuss, the crowds and the traffic. This town never lets its residents run short of things to do; outdoor trails and parks – particularly, the 11km waterfront trail by Lake Ontario – are plausible options for a more adventurous Oshawa lifestyle. All of these locations are highly accessible to both the residents and visitors from neighbourhoods in and around Toronto.

In turn, there has been a surge in population growth in this area. Most rentals are either one-bedroom or two-bedroom units suited for tenants who come to Oshawa for school or work. Many homeowners take advantage of this opportunity and demand to open the doors of their home and have tenants live with them. Basement units – or secondary suites – are thus becoming more and more common to meet rising demand.

The basement, which is typically an underutilised and neglected space, is one of great importance. Other than being a prospective source of passive income, basements form the foundation of houses, typically ones that are more than a few decades old. When done well, basement renovations in Oshawa simultaneously fix any existing structural problems and provide added function to any home, either as a residential or recreational space. Issues that are often ignored are instead highlighted during the process of any Oshawa basement renovation, allowing homeowners and contractors to make appropriate repairs and ensure that the damage in the basement does not negatively impact the house above ground. Consider undertaking a basement renovation to tackle all these problems head-on and give your house even more room to grow.

Oshawa Basement Renovation Design Ideas

Typically, basement units follow the design aesthetics of apartments in high-rises and condominiums; that is, open living spaces with private bedrooms and bathrooms. In basements, open areas are more important because they give the illusion of having added space. Space, here, is the key word: basement apartments are nevertheless have limited floor areas and ceiling heights, so designers and renovators have to be creative in how they use this part of the house to its fullest potential.

Lighting is a vital aspect of interior design and basement renovations that truly elevate the space, taking it away from the common perception that basements have to be dark and dreary. Recessed lighting is one of the ways to do this, instead of having hanging lighting fixtures that diminish the ceiling height. This space-saving method is a modern solution that can even be integrated into the ceiling by way of having backlit ceilings. Lighting can also be under cabinetry in the kitchen or all around the basement apartment, shedding light on those darker corners. Windows, too, are a crucial element of any finished Oshawa basement. A properly sealed window proves careful and expert workmanship, prevents flooding in the basement and provides natural lighting to a space that doesn’t always get it. Ensuring that the basement is well-lit and properly sealed has the added effect of deterring the growth of microorganisms – such as mould, mildew and fungus – especially during the warmer, more humid months.

Whether it is a new tenant, immediate family member, in-law or guest, anyone who has a basement requires some form of storage. Recessed cabinetry is one way to give more space to your prospective basement resident. This can come in the form of recessed spaces in the walls or fittings that have been carefully placed inside these recesses. If you so choose, you can furnish the apartment with closets and other storage spaces so that your basement does not lose its capacity to store all those temporarily unwanted possessions. Dedicated storage spaces under the stairs and in small, private areas in the basement are also possible.

With the right basement layout, you have room to diversify the function of your basement. You may choose to have a smaller indoor spa in the private bathroom, for example, or install two rooms instead of one. Contemporary possibilities include having an indoor home theatre, a home office, an indoor gym, and many more – all in the comfort of your basement, instead of a garage or inside a cluttered house above ground. All other design choices for Oshawa basement renovations are up to you, whether you want to have a clean, colour-blocked basement look, to contrast a brighter interior with dark furnishings or to outfit your basement with modular kitchen units and a minibar.

Finished Basement Projects Oshawa

The possibilities are endless with Finished Basement. Our award-winning design and construction team has over 20 years of experience and has worked on more than 2000 projects across Ontario, and we will help you achieve the finished Oshawa basement that fulfils your wants and needs. We are dedicated on helping you save time and money by providing Oshawa basement finishes within two weeks, with savings up to 40%. This is possible as we directly source our material from trusted international partners. We will also beat all written quotes to us by 5%, helping you save almost half of all basement renovation costs. Clients all over Ontario consistently report how happy they are with their Oshawa basement renovations when they work with Finished Basement. Contact us by phone or through or website to take this opportunity and get a free quote from us today.

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