Basement Renovations Toronto

Toronto, including Etobicoke, North York, East York and Scarborough is home to a lot of our work. One of our expertise is in working with older houses. Often, the main ask in an older home is to focus on a basement renovation Toronto is home to many of Ontario’s older homes. With a 80/20 split between old homes and new homes, we’ve become very good at recognizing the unique needs of these types of homes.

Unlike cookie cutter subdivisions outside the city, each and every house in Toronto comes with it’s own quirks to work through. That’s why we wait to assess each house before coming up with your basement finishing cost Toronto houses are too unique to all price the same.

If it’s happened in a basement, we’ve seen it. We’re well versed in waterproofing issues that many old houses can have due to older, decaying foundations. We do block foundations and structural reinforcements so you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of your house in the future.

One of the requests we often hear when we’re working in Toronto is to bolster the height of the basement ceiling. Because older homes originally had shorter ceilings, between 6-6.5 feet, we’ve become very well versed in raising ceiling roofs to the maximum 7 foot mark.

Basement Renovations Contractor in Toronto

Our work is done with the best basement contractors; Toronto is one of our prime focuses and we wouldn’t give our work to anyone but the best. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with the speed, attention, and accuracy that your project gets.

To summarize, we’ve worked all over Toronto providing people with basement renovations they can fall in love with. A basement renovation in Toronto usually takes place in an older home where the current basement is unfinished. We work with our clients to come up with affordable basement finishing costs in order to ensure that they happy with all aspects of our work. We then work with some of the best basement contractors in Toronto to fulfill the vision we’ve created with our client.

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