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Finished Basement Ideas by Room

Whether it’s a new basement home theatre room, home gym or a home office, we can help you make your finished basement ideas come to life!

Have no idea what you want in a finished basement other than more living space and/or practical storage space?

– No problem, we have lots of finished basement ideas to get your imagination going.

Here are some room ideas and related photos of work we’ve done in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to help our customer’s dreams of a finished basement come true. We also have one page dedicated entirely to finished basement ideas for flooring. Simply click on the pages in the left navigation to help you find inspirational finished basement ideas

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Top Finished Basement Ideas

Finished Basement Ideas 7Open Concept Basement Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Open Concept Basement Ideas

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to change rooms to meet your needs, whether it’s entertaining, family reunions and gatherings over the holidays, of just fun and games with the family.

Finished Basement Ideas 8Home Theatre Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Home Theatre Ideas

Imagine capturing the cinema experience right in your own home, without the annoying cell phones ringing, the tall people sitting in-front of you, and the sticky floors.

Finished Basement Ideas 9Basement Bathrooms and Saunas Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Bathrooms and Saunas Ideas

Tired of basic, uninspired 3 piece basement bathrooms? With our wide variety of ceramic, limestone, slate and mosaic tiles we can create basement bathrooms that are both practical and elegant.

Finished Basement Ideas 10Basement Bar and Wine Cellar Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Bar and Wine Cellar Ideas

A simple straight bar along a wall, a basement bar with an island, a crescent shaped bar or an “L” shaped basement bar with a counter top in imitation granite or other natural stone material, can become the perfect place for your family gatherings or entertaining friends.

Finished Basement Ideas 11Basement Bedrooms Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Bedrooms Ideas

Basement bedrooms are great for a growing family or the occasional guest and it’s often the number 1 reason why homeowners consider finishing the basement.

Finished Basement Ideas 12Basement Fireplace Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Fireplace Ideas

Thinking about adding a basement fireplace to your new renovation? What’s better then curling up in front of a blazing fireplace after a long day at the office? Not only do they provide comfort, a basement fireplace is definitely a good way to highlight any space. There are many different varieties to choose from, however we primarily use gas or electric units.

Finished Basement Ideas 13Basement Apartments" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Apartments

When you consider the cost of buying a new home or condo, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are considering building basement apartments.

Finished Basement Ideas 14Basement Home Gym" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Home Gym

Don’t let the daily grind stop you from living a healthy lifestyle – get a basement home gym. A home gym in your finished basement is the perfect way to stay in shape in the comfort of your own home.

Finished Basement Ideas 15Basement Family Room" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Family Room

Homeowners often tell us that the main reason they are looking to renovate is to create a basement family room.

Finished Basement Ideas 16Basement Stairs Ideas" class="top-banner-img">

Basement Stairs Ideas

We Build Beautiful Basement Walkouts and Stairs