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Basement Rooms Ideas

Basement rooms are great for a growing family or the occasional guest and it’s often the number 1 reason why homeowners consider finishing the basement. Even a 4 bedroom home can be too small to accommodate an out-of-town visitor if the family has 3 kids, each with their own room. And, nobody wants to sleep on a sofabed for more and a few nights. Basement rooms can also be a great solution for shift workers who need a very dark, quite room to sleep in during the day.

We always recommend designing a basement bedroom around a window to allow for good ventilation and always try to build in adequate closet space, ideally with a cedar wood backing.

Trundle beds are great for basement rooms because they have great storage solutions under the bed. So if you’re in the market for a new set, for the basement bedroom, it may be something to consider. Just remember, you’re going to have to get into the finished basement and large items could end up scratching and denting walls and ceilings. So, like gym equipment and large TVs, etc., you might want to bring these items down before, if your space can accommodate them during the basement renovation.

Basement rooms rank #2 on our list of great finished basement ideas.

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