Average cost to finish a basement

Are you and your family looking at renovating your basement? If you have started this process you understand how overwhelming it can be! Where do I start my research?

  • Who do I listen to for advice?
  • Who do I trust to execute my basement renovation?
  • What is the average cost to finish a basement?

These are just some of the questions you will be asking when you begin your basement renovation.

But let us focus on costing.

Since you need to have a budget in mind to understand what you can achieve in your space this becomes the most important question! Because every basement renovation is different it would be ridiculous to start throwing numbers at people to give them an unrealistic idea of what it will cost to create their basement.

We finishedbasement.ca have 20 years experience in the GTA creating and building our clients dream basement spaces. We have a proven process that we follow that educates potential clients on what they are walking into.

The average cost to finish a basement

It starts with your phone call or email asking us about “the average cost to finish a basement“. From there we ask some qualifying questions and book your free in home estimate. One of our experienced team members will come to your home at your convenience and gauge what you are trying to achieve with your space. Are you looking for a basement apartment? A bathroom? Home office? Our estimator will take some notes and measurements and leave you with some information about us and what we do.

Once this is complete we invite you to our showroom where we break down your estimate step by step and show you what you are spending your money on. Our showroom has all the materials we use in our renovations and we feel this is a great opportunity to engage our new clients and show them what they will be using in their finished basements for years to come! The goal of this meeting is to break down your project and get down to a final agreed upon budget.

When you have had some time to gather some more information and get a feel for the market and have asked all the questions you have we agree on a timeline and get things started. Our team at finishedbasement.ca doesn’t believe it is reasonable to blanket quotes to everyone who asks for them. We pride ourselves in educating everyone we interact with about the industry and its pulse, along with giving you general questions and guidelines to follow. We make sure to be very thorough and transparent in how we present information to you. Our goal is to make you as comfortable moving forward with your basement renovation as possible and our team has been doing so in the GTA for 20 years!

So please feel free to give our team a call or email at finishedbasement.ca ! We would love to help you and your family build and design the basement of your dreams. Don’t let all the “unknowns” overwhelm you. We are here to help answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family!


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