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Basement Renovations Details

The details are what set you apart. Whether it’s the way you work, your style or anything else, you always want to put your own stamp on things to make them your own. We believe that your basement should not be an exception to this rule. Your new basement is a great opportunity to show people more of who you are. And while a lot of the work we do might be standard for many basements, the details are where you can shine.

We find that basement renovation pictures and finished basement pictures are two great ways to inspire our clients to figure out exactly what type of basement they want. Right down to the smallest details. By seeing what other clients have had success with in the past, we’re showing what can work in the future.

As you’ll see as you scroll through the images above, we can develop custom made niches with lighting to suit you specific needs. If you feel like your rooms needs a particular lighting flow, we can build ceiling boxes to match your vision. Using stone as an accent, or as a covering for a fireplace is a great way to add some intrigue to your space. Crown Molding is another element that will excite the eyes of everyone who passes through your new, beautiful basement. We have also found that a lot of our clients like to add an accent wall. One wall with an eye catching colour to really add drama to the space. It’s a great, inexpensive option to really set your space apart from any other. We work in basement renovation details and we’ve got the tools to help you realize your basement dreams, no matter what they might be.

There is plenty more we can discuss with you but we always thing it’s better for our clients to have some of their own ideas about their future basement before coming to talk to us. That way we can ensure that your dream basement will come to life with your vision at its core.