Finished Basement Company

When you have made the decision to begin looking for a finished basement company the search can take you on a wild ride! Do you ask friends for advice? What do you look for online? How do you go through all that information and make a responsible decision? Let our experienced team at finishedbasement.ca help get you started!

The Estimate

When you call us, email us, live chat us, we are there ready to help begin your search for the right finished basement company. After getting some information we book an estimate at your convenience. One of our experienced estimators walks through your space and together with you figures out what you would like to achieve with your future new space. Our estimator takes some measurements and leaves you with our information and a rough costing of your basement renovation. From this point we ask that you join us in our Basement Renovation Showroom in order to further answer your questions and continue the quoting process.

The Showroom

Showroom-video-pagek When you enter our showroom we begin by walking you step by step through your contract. We pride ourselves on transparency and making you feel comfortable with every facet of the renovation process. Our showroom allows us to walk you through and let you see and feel the products and materials that we use when finishing your basement. It allows you to better conceptualize your space and helps you better understand what your “wants” and “needs” truly are.

You leave this meeting with a lot of information to help aid your search and also leaves you with firm information on how we can facilitate your basement renovation needs. When you have decided that we are the company for you we firm up dates and from there, design and construction begin.

Design & Construction

When we have worked out a schedule and timeline for your renovation, design becomes your next step. Our design team goes back to your space, again at your convenience and finalizes your new layout keeping an eye on proper utilization of space and functionality of space, continuing to maintain and stay within your allotted budget. Once a layout has been signed off on, we invite you back to the showroom where with the guidance of our design team you select what your finished basement is going to look like. Wall colours, flooring, baseboards, every facet of your basement aesthetic is discussed and finalized during this process. Once design is complete we move into construction where our professional, experienced tradesmen execute your renovation on the agreed upon 2 week or 3 week period.

So when you are ready to make the decision to renovate your basement give us a call 905-501-9574905-501-9574 ! Send us an email, or chat with us at finishedbasement.com. We have serviced the GTA for 20 years and are family owned and operated and continue to grow in an ever-changing market. We pride ourselves in serving a wide demographic using a strong referral based network along with our continued connections via social media.

Let us guide and educate you through your basement renovation!