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Tired of basic, uninspired 3 piece basement bathrooms? With our wide variety of ceramic, limestone, slate and mosaic tiles we can create basement bathrooms that are both practical and elegant. Add the comfort and convenience of a steam room, sauna or bidet. Make an appointment to visit our showroom to see a large selection of basement bathrooms, fixtures and accessories.

7 Ideas to Turn Your Basement Bathroom Luxurious

So you started living in a  basement. It has good space you can explore, lights to make good use of, and a good decoration overall. You know exactly how to renovate it and change in the apartment – but how would your creativity work for the bathroom?

If you are wondering how to set the layout of your basement bathroom, light it up or decorate it properly – do not sweat! This article was written to give you inspiration on how to keep your bathroom comfortable, and yet luxurious.

Does my basement bathroom need a special toilet?

First things first – before going all in the decoration and design of your bathroom, you should make sure the foundation is set up.

The logistics may vary depending on the overall layout of the house, but a basement needs extra care and attention when it comes to layout. Some basements can get away with a regular toilet, however, others would require macerated toilets because of the sewer. Either way, proper decorations can mask really well the type of toilet a basement has.

How does the plumbing work?

There will probably be no need to stress over this as much – if the house in which your basement is located already has water lines, it will be cheaper to combine them, rather than setting up new water taps, keeping the house and basement with separated lines. There is no need for this much work!

Paying attention to the plumbing can also prevent your basement bathroom from leaking or from condensating. When plumbed correctly, with well-done set water taps and good vapor, a bathroom basement can stay neat, dry and warm.

Then the next step is to worry about the style of it!

How do I decorate my basement bathroom?

As mentioned, this article was written to give you inspiration. Now that we have covered the basic needs you will need to look after in your basement before anything else, it is time to jump in our ideas for the bathroom in your basement to look luxurious!

Invest in a lot of light

Underground placements are always going to be dark – so one must implement light in many ways: it can be colouring the ceiling and walls white, installing bulbs, buying lamps with a cold-toned light, and so on.
Having good lighting is essential! Don’t be afraid of getting creative and adding light wherever you can – up in the ceiling, behind the mirror or on the floor.

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Put tiles in the shower

White tiles can be placed in the bath area where the tub is, or in the shower box. They give a chic and bright look to the space – and it can look even more delicate if you hang some plants!

Other tiles that can be included are not necessarily white, but also on more earthy-like tones: cream, rose gold or beige tiles can also give a sense of illumination. The tiles can be graphic and made of ceramic or marble.

Make use of glass doors

Even if your shower has a small space, this trick will seem like it is wider. Either with a big shower or a tiny square – making use of a door made of glass will make all the difference. For this, you will need to combine the material of the floors and colors of the wall so it gives an impression of continuity.

When your bathroom is composed of a tub, doors won’t be needed – which is even better as there are less divisions within the space, and won’t limit it as much.

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Contrast bright and dark

Yes – investing in light is essential. However, adding subtle details of dark colors can create an impact. The goal is not to only open up the space, but also to showcase a modern and urban style. Adding warm elements to your basement bathroom will give it a luxurious design.

Perhaps the floors can be white and one of the walls has a navy blue tone. Or the shelves can be black while the floor has geometric patterns alternating between dark gray and white, for instance.

Add images to the wall

A spacious wall could make a difference if you’re not sure what to do with it – no need to hand shelves or mirrors! Just add a floral or geometric wallpaper to it. Alternatively, you can also add a mural that matches the colors of the floor.

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Make use of nature

Give your basement bathroom a more luxurious style adding a color palette of neutral tones – light maroon, beige, caramel brown, rose gold, light gray. When blended well, these colors can be placed accordingly for each space of the bathroom. Add some plants and voila!

Don’t be afraid of elegance

The secret to a luxurious space is to make it elegant. And what would elegance be defined as? Discreet colors, marble, brightness – when combined correctly, these elements can be arranged to create a chic and minimalist setting. Your basement bathroom can look simple and yet, it will give a neat and modern impression.

Betting in the right lighting and the right palette will for sure give your basement bathroom the luxurious look you desire!

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Whatever your style, we have the tile, fixtures and amenities to create a bathroom in your basement you’ll be proud to show off. Many of our customers joke that it’s the nicest room in their house!

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Bold, modern basement bathrooms are often a nice complement to home gyms, with clean, hard metal surfaces extending from the workout area into the washroom. We can even install a locker for your gear.

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Spa and Bathroom in the Basement

Shower panels can combine multiple jets, a practical hand-held shower unit, and a shelving for soaps, body wash and shampoos. We have several models of panels and stalls to choose from in our bathroom showroom.