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Basement Bathrooms and Saunas Ideas

Tired of basic, uninspired 3 piece basement bathrooms? With our wide variety of ceramic, limestone, slate and mosaic tiles we can create basement bathrooms that are both practical and elegant. Add the comfort and convenience of a steam room, sauna or bidet. Make an appointment to visit our showroom to see a large selection of basement bathrooms, fixtures and accessories.

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Basement Bathrooms and Saunas 3
Find Out More About How We Use TLS To Create A Perfectly Aligned Bathroom Floor For Your Next Basement Project

Bathroom and Home SPA Catalog

Bathroom Basement Variants

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2 Piece Basement Bathrooms

Whatever your style, we have the tile, fixtures and amenities to create a bathroom in your basement you’ll be proud to show off. Many of our customers joke that it’s the nicest room in their house!

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3 Piece Basement Bathrooms

Bold, modern basement bathrooms are often a nice complement to home gyms, with clean, hard metal surfaces extending from the workout area into the washroom. We can even install a locker for your gear.

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Spa and Bathroom in the Basement

Shower panels can combine multiple jets, a practical hand-held shower unit, and a shelving for soaps, body wash and shampoos. We have several models of panels and stalls to choose from in our bathroom showroom.

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