Basement Fireplaces 16

Basement Fireplace Ideas

Thinking about adding a basement fireplace to your new renovation?
What’s better then curling up in front of a blazing fireplace after a long day at the office? Not only do they provide comfort, a basement fireplace is definitely a good way to highlight any space. There are many different varieties to choose from, however we primarily use gas or electric units.

Now getting to the fun part! Your choices for decor are endless, starting with the unit itself. You can choose a more traditional or modern basement fireplace. You can in case the wall surrounding the unit with stone work and accent it with an antique lumber mantle. You can create a niche above your mantle to display art work. You can even cover it with dry wall and choose a more vibrant paint color. The wall itself can be covered in: mosaic tile, stone, slate, limestone, marble and drywall.

Looking for something “outside the box”? We can create two-way and three-way units developed to maximize space and help with air flow. These units allow you to create a variety of ambiances within the same space while maintaining a focal point to gravitate to . Create a getaway to get lost in, or an area for you and your guests to relax in.

There are no rules to dress your basement fireplace.  Remember, you dream it, we build it!

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