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Fix Basement Floors and Foundations First

A lot of homeowners have questions about basement floors. Depending on the age of the home and the condition of the basement floors and foundations, some prep work may be required to stop leaks, condensation and moisture prior to the basement renovation. Simply put, water can ruin basement floors, and mold or mildew can become a health problem and seriously impact the value of your home. If you’re going to make a significant investment in your finished basement, you must deal with water and moisture problems first.

Foundation Crack Repairs

  • We fix foundation cracks ($275 – $350)
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    Polyurethane components, tools and accessories.
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Cracked basement floors and foundations need to be repaired, properly. We typically use high pressure injection to seal cracks. If the basement has a moisture problem, we recommend a permanent dehumidifier to keep the relative humidity low and constant. It’s also important to let your building materials acclimatized to the basement for a few days, as natural products like lumber, plywood and hardwood flooring strips and can have moisture and absorb moisture. So, best to have the dehumidifier in place and running before the project begins.

Before making any decision on basement floors, you need to think about subfloors. A subfloor is designed to create a vapor barrier between the cold concrete basement floor that always has moisture in it, and the floors you walk on, whether it’s engineered hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, slate, cork or carpet. We typically use the Dricore flooring system as this offers superior moisture protection and promotes air-flow with minimal loss of height. Subfloors allow us to level the basement floors and this will help ensure walls and floors are built and stay level.

We carry all sorts of flooring materials to suit any style and budget, but we do recommend that you start your finished basement project on the right foot, with the necessary repairs and the right subfloor.

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