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Basement Home Office

For many people, the days of commuting during the rush hours to and from an office, traffic jams and missed trains and buses are over, thanks to a basement home office. If you work from home, run your own home-based business or want some dedicated space simply to manage the family affairs, a basement home office is just the answer.

With rooms upstairs and on the main floor of the house often used by other family members, a basement home office can be a practical and productive solution, that is free from the distractions of a busy house.

Basement Home Office – Sound Proofing

We can help you create a work environment that will be the envy of your co-workers and neighbours by making some critical basement design decisions early in the process. For example, many people do not consider sound proofing the walls an ceilings of a basement home office. Some homeowners question this, arguing that they are not loud. But, sound insulation is used more often to keep noise out, like kids running upstairs, or a TV in the next room. We like to us the Roxul  Safe & Sound to create a proper sound barrier in ceilings and interior walls. The type of door you choose for your basement home office can also have an impact on noise levels.

Basement Home Office – Flooring

Most people want to recreate the efficiency they have in a well designed office, and this starts with flooring. Too many home owners choose carpet to try to insulate their feet from a cold concrete floor, but carpet does not let office chairs roll easily, ruts are worn into the carpet over time and eventually, the start to fray. The answer is not an ugly sheet of plastic or plexi-glass around the desk area. The best solution is a proper sub-floor to create a moisture barrier like Dricore, and commercial grade laminate that will withstand heavy traffic, including rolling chairs. Check out our basement flooring page And, after a busy, productive day at the basement home office, you can hit the home gym. It’s just a short commute down the hall.

Basement Bedrooms

Basement bedrooms are great for a growing family or the occasional guest and it’s often the number 1 reason why homeowners consider finishing the basement. Even a 4 bedroom home can be too small to accommodate an out-of-town visitor if the family has 3 kids, each with their own room. And, nobody wants to sleep on a sofabed for more and a few nights. Basement bedrooms can also be a great solution for shift workers who need a very dark, quite room to sleep in during the day.

We always recommend designing a basement bedroom around a window to allow for good ventilation and always try to build in adequate closet space, ideally with a cedar wood backing.

Trundle beds are great for basement bedrooms because they have great storage solutions under the bed. So if you’re in the market for a new set, for the basement bedroom, it may be something to consider. Just remember, you’re going to have to get into the finished basement and large items could end up scratching and denting walls and ceilings. So, like gym equipment and large TVs, etc., you might want to bring these items down before, if your space can accommodate them during the basement renovation.

Basement bedrooms rank #2 on our list of great finished basement ideas.

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