Basement Open Concepts 3

Open Concept Basement Ideas

In Toronto, having room to breathe is vital now more than ever, especially since open spaces are scarce in urban environments. An open concept basement addresses this need and, at the same time, creates the illusion of having more floor space than homeowners expect from their basements.

Designing Open Concept Basements

Open concepts and layouts are often implemented to ‘free’ certain rooms and areas with limited floor spaces. This is a particularly popular choice for basement renovations in Toronto. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be crowded, whether on the streets or in individual houses. There may be no space to accommodate a growing family, for example, or integrate new indoor entertainment and recreational areas in the house above ground. This can make the house seem more claustrophobic, instead of relaxing.

Open concept basement renovations expand the design and functionality of the basement unit by giving the homeowner or designer free reign to do as they please with this extra floor of the house. These basement renovations work around the limitations of your existing basement without disrupting the foundations of your home. It maximises the utility of the square footage of a basement, no matter the size. Additionally, it adds a sense of interconnectedness within your basement. Without claustrophobic and restrictive walls, you can create a warm, welcoming and comfortable basement that is enjoyable for family, friends and guests alike.

There are many things you can do with the large, central area of a finished open concept basement. Furniture, lighting and the like can be arranged according to your needs and your vision for the space. For example, indoor home theatres and games rooms are a perfect way to utilise this layout. You can have more space between the screen and the viewers, easing the strain on the eyes and allowing for an even more comfortable viewing experience. An open concept basement can also feature a pool table, a ping pong table and more in the central area, while at the same time, providing easy access to other rooms in the basement that you may choose to differentiate from the main, open room. Other design and furnishing ideas include having an indoor gym and an open family room for everyone to enjoy.

Safe, Accessible and Energy-Saving Toronto Basements

Open concept basements have the added benefit of safety and ease of access. With a large, open space, it would be much easier to keep an eye on young children, for example. You can access certain rooms in the basement without having to manoeuvre through more than one enclosed room. Any necessary repairs would also be more accessible to the homeowner or the specialist, instead of having to look for the necessary piping, plumbing or wiring. Energy efficiency is another perk of open concept basements. It would be much easier to shed natural light on this central area of the basement, especially since most basements have windows on one side of the entire basement. This means that access to natural light in basements is often more limited than the house above it. An open concept basement without constrictive walls helps reduce the need for artificial light by allowing natural light to more evenly enter the space. This saves on energy costs both in the summer and in the winter: because the basement is often dark, it’s cooler in the summer; if there is an open, central area, natural light helps warm it up in the winter, letting you turn your furnace off instead of leaving it on.

Open Concepts with Finished Basement

Our team at Finished Basement has seen a rising trend in open concept basement renovations for many reasons, usually meant to address the perceived lack of space underground. Basements are spaces that expand and better manage the household. It can be used as a residential unit, a recreational basement or have mixed functions that suit your individual wants and needs. Having an open concept basement allows you to explore all these options and maximise the use of your basement floor space. It can be furnished, fitted and finished in a way that makes it a fun, inviting and comfortable area for everyone.

Finished Basement can help you achieve this with your upcoming or your current Toronto basement renovation project. Contact us today or visit our showroom for more details.