Home Gym Ideas

Designing your new basement living space is always an exciting experience. There are many directions you can take with your design and our team at finishedbasement.ca is always available to help with steering you in the right direction. One popular design feature is adding a home gym.
With gym memberships constantly increasing and daily life taking up precious minutes of the day a home gyms are becoming a popular trend. You get the convenience of working out in a comfortable space designed around your wants and needs and have the ability to maximize your daily routine by eliminating the need to travel to a gym and share or wait for equipment.

Make your Home GYM a reality

When you work with our team finishedbasement.ca we are happy to walk you through what it will take to make your home gym a reality.

We guide you through the “do’s” and “don’ts” to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new basement living space. Because of our extensive experience renovating basements we know what will work the best for your home gym and what will allow you to maximize your functional work out space. We take everything into consideration when we are laying out your new space. Dimensions of the equipment you will be using in your home gym, storage space for smaller equipment and supplies. We make sure you have the right amount of lighting to create a safe and vibrant space that lends to a positive workout space. Maybe installing a dimmer system to bring down the light during a yoga session. Working with our audio visual integrator we can outfit your home gym with the latest fitness equipment. Create a clean cardio area with a courtesy monitor to pass the time while you burn calories watching the Food Network. An audio system to play your favorite work out music. You also have the option of installing one of our unique saunas to relax and recover after a good workout. We take the time to look at every facet of your home gym and help you keep within your budget. When it comes to designing your new basement we make sure every need and requirement is met. Our skilled and experienced tradesmen work tirelessly to provide you with the best quality space that will last for years to come. We like to make sure we expose you to the best possible materials and options for your space so you can make the decisions that will best suite your needs. We want to make sure you maintain and maximize your budget so understanding your wants and needs is something we help you navigate. The goal is to create a beautiful, custom space that you will want to use on a daily basis. A functional space where you feel comfortable and productive. Let our team work with you to make your dream and vision come to life.

With 20 years of experience servicing the GTA we guarantee you will be amazed with your new home gym and basement living space.

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