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Basement home theaters have long been the ultimate neighborhood status symbol and gained vast popularity because of their convenience and entertainment value. Your basement is absolutely perfect for creating the atmosphere of a real cinema: there is little natural light and it’s cut off from all the traffic in the rest of the house. Another reason why basements have become the prevalent choice for building a home theatre is that sidewalls aren’t shared with other rooms, and there are no or very small windows so you can get better acoustics. All you have to do is grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Home Theater Basement Ideas

The important thing in making your basement home theater a great place for temporary escape is ensuring that it incorporates your personal style, and up to date with today’s technology! There are dozens of home theater basement ideas – it all depends on the tastes of the owner and type of movies he or she likes to watch. Classic design will accurately match the style of old movies fans, while others will love something more futuristic or fantasy-style. Your home theatre will look even more personalized if it’s decorated with posters of your favourite movie stars. Fun details like a popcorn machine can make your home theatre a place you and your friends will return to again and again.

Our company specializes in transforming basements into beautiful and comfortable places for entertainment and relaxation in a home theatre. We are able to design a highly customized living space that suits your personal tastes and available basement space. Whether you prefer a simple media room or something more original, we will deliver!