Basement Laundry Room

The basement laundry room need not be a cold. dark, damp and depressing dungeon where you have to work tirelessly away washing, folding and ironing clothes.

We can help you create a warm and dry basement laundry room that is bright, cheery, spacious, and one that offers smart storage solutions for everything from your cleaning supplies to ironing boards, steamers and vacuums. We can even build a counter height island with a deep sink and some matching stools.

Add a coffee maker, a few magazines, an area rug, a comfortable chair and small wall mounted LCD/LED TV and this basement laundry room may just become the best room in the house!

Basement Laundry Room – Stacked Washer/Dryer

If your finished basement ceiling height permits it, a new stacked washer and dryer in your basement laundry room can free up more floor space to add a wash tub/sink, floor to ceiling closets, counters or a folding table. We can even add a small LCD TV in a top corner so you can watch your favourite show while you catch up on the laundry.

Basement Laundry Room – Side By Side

In some basements, the ceiling height is too low to accommodate a stacked washer or dryer, but that does not mean the basement laundry room can’t be modern and efficient. With the proper cabinets above, moving the laundry room to another area of the basement, like the furnace room, we can make up for the loss of floor space.




Basement Laundry Room – Apartment Size

Don’t need a full basement laundry room? No problem, we can install a condo or apartment sized efficiency washer and dryer in a closet just about anywhere in the finished basement. Some additional plumbing work may be required, but anything is possible. These basement laundry rooms are perfect of in-law suites or nanny suites.


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