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OLD Toronto

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500 sq.ft

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3-4 weeks


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Basement renovations involve an understanding of the structure of your home. Usually, renovating neglected Toronto basements may seem like an impossible task. Finished Basement can show you what needs to be done, step by step, and our team can carry out this plan to deliver a basement that suits your needs. We personally inspect your basement and consult with you to determine your desired outcome. We also reinforce the structure of your home and make necessary repairs to reduce the frequency of maintenance later on. Our team considers the necessary plumbing, wiring and piping necessary for the proper functioning of the different elements in a liveable, functional basement. Once we start work on your basement renovation project, you can be rest assured that we can finish the project in just two weeks.

Finished Project

Finished Basement creates basement renovations in an efficient and timely manner, without sacrificing any of the quality that goes into a professionally finished basement. Instead of having a dark, neglected basement, you can have a finished Toronto basement that fits all of the specifications that you set for our team, before and during the basement renovation process. This new Toronto basement can be a place where you relax, entertain family and friends, or even reside. It also adds value and function to your home, making it a sound investment for the future.
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Adam Smith

2 days ago

This Old Toronto home was in need of a new look and in need of repairs. We helped the homeowner totally renovate their basement to add functionality and value to an otherwise unattended basement. Our team introduced space-saving storage, contemporary fixtures and a well-designed basement floor layout. We transformed this neglected basement it into a legal residential basement unit, complete with the necessary fittings and structural reinforcements to adhere to Ontario Building Codes.

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