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Basement Stairs Ideas

Basement stairs should flow with the overall design of your home yet safe for you and your family. There are many variations of basement stairs ideas: you can order custom stairs in a modern or classic style, incorporating carpeted runner or wood finishes.

Most client tend to finish their stairs with the same colour laminate flooring they choose in the basement. Each step is finished with oak nosing, stained to match the colour of the laminate. This tends to be the most popular and cost effective method. Some opt for a solid oak step, with a painted white riser. This style can only be done if your basement stairs do not have a landing. Lastly, clients with a larger budget will opt for a custom staircase made of maple or oak, stained to their desired choice of colour.

Various spindle styles are used to create a modern, classic or contemporary look. Choosing from simple rounded wooden patterns, to square or wrought iron, even glass panels – can achieve any look you are looking for.