Wall Bed with Desk

Space Saving Furniture

Perfect space saving solution for your future basement. This wall bed are designed for easy operation, everyday use and ultimately space saving. Allows the room to be converted from office, study and play room to the comfort sleeping space. Open the door to your space and enjoy its efficiency and design!

Why Use this Furniture

SIMPLE: Modern and simple style, smart function make it so easy for operating and installation;

TRANSFORMABLE: By only pulling and pushing to open and close the bed, changing the utility for different space;

BALANCE: The system can be stopped in a stable state when it is moved in any position, and it will move again when you pull or push it. The wall bed will be in an excellent balance situation and can be operated easily;

SAFE: Most of the mechanism parts are hidden to avoid hand touch, and the system can be stopped in any position without any suddenly falling down.

Wall Bed

A Wall Bed gives you all the comfort and convenience of a small room without sacrificing space. Comfortable bed when you need it, but when you close it is sofa or table.