Basement Renovations Burlington

Basement Renovations in Burlington are done by various companies. Before chosing one it is important to verify their reviews and make sure they have a license.  is an important We’ve been witnessing something of a renaissance in Burlington over the nearly twenty years we’ve been in business. It’s gone from an area filled with older homes in need of plenty of updating and repairs to a beautiful mix of classic homes and new, modern spaces. We’ve loved working in both types and have had great experiences with great people all over Burlington. 

Before we get to work revitalizing the aesthetics of the homes we often need to work on the core. In some of the older homes this requires us to look at the wiring. In many homes the old electrical wiring in the basement hasn’t been looked at since the home was built and can cause a big fire risk. We’ve got the personnel needed to get all your wiring up to code, rewire old aluminum and upgrade anything from the old 100 amp standard to the current 200. We know how important a basement renovation can be and we always want to ensure that it is done to perfection from the inside out.

Basement Renovation Contractor in Burlington

Once we’ve got all the guts sorted out, it’s on to the fun part, giving you the perfect basement renovation. Burlington clients of ours are famous for their taste. We’ve put in beautiful home theaters, man caves, recreation rooms and gyms. Our showroom floor has ideas for everyone. However, some of our favorite projects haven’t come from our showroom but from the minds of our clients. We love working with an impassioned client who has an idea in their head and knows exactly what they want. Seeing someone as they watch their vision come to life is extremely rewarding and we encourage our clients to think long and hard about what they want when they come see us. We’re happy to use our decades of experience to help guide you along the way, but if you have a sense of what you want, we can’t wait to help you achieve that vision.