Basement Renovation Company

Basement Renovation Company

Meet Finished Basement (ISM Renobuilders Inc.)

Finished Basement offers basement renovation projects in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, throughout GTA, and many cities in Ontario. We undertake basement renovations of any complexity, ready to transform your unfinished basement into a truly functional space.

Your dream basement can include a variety of elements tailored to your needs. After basement finishing, the usable area of your private home can increase by 20–30%, which can be utilised in any convenient way. We have more than enough experience to surprise you.

Mr. Igor Ivasiv

Mr. Igor Ivasiv

Founder and Director

This family business was founded in 1996 by Igor Ivasiv, along with his wife Maria and son Vitaliy. The company quickly made a name for itself thanks to the highest quality of work, strict adherence to agreed deadlines, and maximum level of customer satisfaction, which continues to this day.

To date, the company has assembled a large and very experienced team of highly qualified specialists who have been involved in basement renovation for many years, successfully transforming grey and damp spaces into clean, comfortable, and lively areas full of life.

Unique individual basement finishing projects and interior design consultations are provided not only by the company’s specialists, but also directly by its founder. He still personally oversees the quality of work and manages all projects without exception.

Today, Finished Basement is involved not only in transforming the most underappreciated spaces in private homes in Ontario. It is also a manufacturer of various furniture items and an importer of the majority of materials used in projects.


Experienced Finished Basement Team

Finished Basement has gathered experts with immense experience. The company’s owner, Igor Ivasiv, has been involved in renovation for over 45 years, his son, Vitaliy, has been managing the basement renovation & basement finishing process for over 25 years, and the design consultant, Natalie, has been successful in this field for over 15 years.

The engineers, plumbers, electricians, and architects have over 30 years of experience. This is why the company has been a leader in basement renovation in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, the entire GTA, and many cities in Ontario for many years. We value each team member and have worked with them for decades.


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Skilled Basement Renovations Professionals

  • Basement Renovation Company

    Basement Finished in 2–3 Weeks

    Thanks to vast experience in basement renovation & basement finishing, the implementation of each home renovation project takes an average of about 2–3 weeks. Exceptions may only occur if our clients want a lot of custom items or if permits are needed to start the renovation.

    However, it is important to understand that the speed of the renovation does not affect its quality. That is why, for basement renovation in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, the entire GTA, and many cities in Ontario, the specialists of Finished Basement are specifically invited.

  • Basement Renovation Company

    Huge 3000 Square Feet Showroom

    A key advantage of our company, specializing in basement renovation & basement finishing, is our vast 3000 sq ft showroom. It allows you to save 2 to 3 hours of valuable time in selecting materials and discussing project nuances.

    Our showroom lets you explore each functional space that can emerge in the most underappreciated part of your private home. Just 45 minutes spent here can give you a complete idea of how this underutilized space will look after renovation.

  • Basement Renovation Company

    Importers & Manufacturers

    Finished Basement is not just your reliable partner in basement renovation & basement finishing. Additionally, the company is an importer and manufacturer of the majority of materials used in realizing your dream basement project.

    As we have no middlemen, we can offer you lower prices. Moreover, all necessary renovation materials are readily available in our warehouses in Ontario, so there’s no long wait for them to arrive from other countries or Canadian provinces. With us, your renovated basement is just an arm’s length away.

  • Basement Renovation Company

    Home Stars & Google Heroes

    We implement basement renovation projects in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, the entire GTA, and many cities in Ontario, transforming the most underused space of your private home into a functional space with top-quality finishing in both materials and workmanship.

    We have a unique approach and special attention to each basement finishing project. This is why our clients remain highly satisfied with the results, recommending us to family, friends, and colleagues, and rating us highly on HomeStart (9.8/10) and Google (4.8/5).

  • Basement Renovation Company

    Full Five Years Warranty

    Finished Basement guarantees that all basement renovation & basement finishing projects comply with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and other building codes. This reflects the company’s commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards.

    We ensure that your basement renovation meets legislative requirements and safety standards. If any installation defects are found in the finished basement within the 5-year warranty period, we commit to rectifying them without additional cost.

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About our business

Experience the Personal Touch

Finished Basement is more than just a company that specializes in basement renovation and finishing. It's a proud family business that fully understands the importance of creating a truly functional and appealing space for the entire family, delivering it in the shortest time possible and at an attractive price. Thanks to our personalized approach and attention to detail, we treat each project as if it were our own. This includes everything from the initial concept of the space to the smallest details, focusing on the quality of materials and the work done in bringing the project to life.

Our specialists, with extensive experience under the meticulous guidance of Igor Ivasiv, who has been involved in renovation and finishing for over 45 years, put their heart and soul into transforming a basement from an underutilized area of a private house into one of its most important spaces. By choosing us, you become part of our family. We consistently strive to provide exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction at every stage of the project. Allow us to help you create lasting memories of working with us on your basement renovation project.



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Finishing A Basement
I was looking for a contractor that would finish the work in a short amount of time and ...
Karl in Scarborough
Posted in May, 2023
Great Result
I shouldve reviewed much earlier apologies for taking so long. Great company ...
LC from Oakville
Posted on May, 2023
Highly Recommend To Finish Your Basement In 2 To 3 Weeks
I highly recommend Finished Basements. An excellent company and amazing servi...
Nathalie in Toronto
Posted in May, 2023
I highly recommend Finished Basements. An excellent company and amazing servi...
Paul in Toronto
Posted on Feb 15, 2023
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Hassan Mawanda
1 Months Ago
The best basement renovation company we've ever worked with!! The entire procedure was fantastic from start to finish. They completed a 1,300 square foot basement in two weeks without sacrificing final quality. The staff worked incredibly...
Robert Cole
1 Months Ago
Work from finished basement is of the highest quality and is competitively priced. The crew did a fantastic job at conceptualizing and designing our dream basement. They went out of their way to retrieve our bought items and …
Wayne Little
1 Months Ago
Very happy with this company! Reasonable price and great work. Our basement looks amazing and done very professionally. They listened to all of our requests and were working every day to get the job done.

Basement Renovation Examples

Basement Finishing Oakville

Basement Finishing Oakville

The Finished Basement Company offers comprehensive solutions for basement renovation. With our help, the unfinished basement in your own home in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond will transform into a truly comfortable and functional space, which can be used independently or rented out.

Basement Finishing Barrie

Basement Finishing Barrie

All basement renovation projects carried out by our company are unique and distinct from one another. However, they all share common features, including a preliminary free consultation, a complimentary estimate before commencing work, and the utmost professionalism of our specialists who will transform any abstract ideas into a dream basement.

Basement Finishing Aurora

Basement Finishing Aurora

Our company specializes in basement renovations throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, covering a significant part of Ontario. Our experts, with years of experience, have successfully completed numerous projects, including basement finishing in Aurora and many other cities and regions.

Basement Finishing Vaughan

Basement Finishing Vaughan

Every basement renovation project undertaken by our company is highly individualized. This applies to Vaughan specifically, and also to the entire Greater Toronto Area and Ontario as a whole. Each project can encounter its unique unexpected issues, but for an experienced team of professionals, they won’t be an obstacle to a quality renovation in the most underrated space of one’s house.

Basement Finishing Milton

Basement Finishing Milton

Like any other, this project within the scope of Milton basement renovations is absolutely unique. It’s a quality basement project, which 100% reflects all the needs of the private homeowners — they remained completely satisfied with their new basements, filled with a plethora of interesting discoveries, comprehensive solutions, and maximally functional spaces.

Basement Finishing Kitchener

Basement Finishing Kitchener

Finished Basement Company offers comprehensive solutions for basements renovations not only in the Kitchener Waterloo Area but also in the Greater Toronto Area and other regions of Ontario. Before initiating the basement renovation process, you can avail of a free consultation and a free quote to help make all the necessary decisions.

Basement Renovation FAQ

What services does our company provide for basement renovation?

Project Demo & Estimate. Before beginning a basement renovation, our specialist visits the client’s home for a preliminary project cost estimation. This free procedure includes a presentation of the company’s capabilities, discussion of ideas, and customer’s wishes.

Preparing the estimate usually takes no more than 45–60 minutes. During this time, in addition to presenting the company and discussing ideas, a 2D-plan of the living space and a 3D-sketch of the basement are created, and the preliminary cost of the entire project is calculated. The only thing left is to sign the contract and make a down payment.

Framing, Electrical, Plumbing. Before starting the main part of the work, it’s often necessary to fix cracks in the foundation, which can appear even in not very old private homes, typically due to regular contact of the foundation with water. It’s better to address these issues before beginning basement finishing.

The basic part of the project inevitably includes framing, the complexity and cost of which depend on the area of the house and the need to create separate rooms. Electrical and plumbing work is also carried out, usually calculated based on the number of points planned in the project.

Drywall, Plastering. The next step involves installing drywall on the wooden frame. The complexity of this task usually increases with the number of walls in the space, especially when creating separate rooms for a bathroom, bedroom, home office, and many other spaces.

At this stage, plastering work is performed, the complexity of which depends on the number of walls to be treated in the basement. Open concept layouts and shared spaces are often used in planning basement renovation projects.

Sanding, Primer, Paint, Ceramic. The final stage includes sanding, priming, painting, laying ceramic tiles, flooring, and other operations. These differ not only in the area of the space but also in the materials chosen for the finishing of each room.

Complete basement renovation usually takes about 2-3 weeks. However, the timeline may increase if a large number of custom elements are used or if additional permits are required for a legal basement apartment and more. This also significantly impacts the price.


Why is it important to choose the right company for basement renovation?

Extensive Experience in Renovation. Finished Basement has over 27 years of operation in Canada. The owner, with more than 40 years of renovation experience, oversees the quality of work at every stage. Most team members have been with the company for decades.

This experience enables the company to execute all tasks swiftly and efficiently. A basement renovation project typically takes 2-3 weeks. The only factors that might extend this timeframe are obtaining permits for a legal basement apartment or the inclusion of numerous custom elements in the project.

Large Showroom and Material Warehouse. Finished Basement is a One-Stop-Shop that can save you 2 to 3 days of your time. This efficiency is thanks to our massive 3000 sq ft showroom, where spending just 45 minutes is enough to finalize all details of the upcoming renovation.

As an importer and stockist of all renovation materials, we can offer the best prices to our clients. Additionally, everything needed for complete basement finishing is available in our Ontario warehouses, eliminating delays in material delivery.

Numerous Satisfied Clients in Ontario. Finished Basement is a team of professionals who value their reputation and consistently achieve high ratings on HomeStars and other verified platforms. They aid in space layout determination and material selection, providing optimal solutions.

Finished Basement’s average rating on HomeStars is 9.8/10 (97% positive reviews), and its Google Maps rating averages 4.8/5. The company values its clients, with many new clients commencing projects based on recommendations from previous satisfied customers.

Guarantee on All Work Performed. Finished Basement ensures all work complies with the Ontario Building Code, OBC. This commitment reflects the company’s consistent dedication to quality, adherence to industry standards, legislative requirements, and safety norms.

Any installation defects identified within the 5-year warranty period will be corrected by the company. Substandard work will be rectified at no additional cost, underscoring our unwavering commitment to meeting all our clients’ needs.

How long will it take to complete a basement renovation project?

The execution of a basement renovation project typically spans 2–3 weeks. This duration generally covers all preliminary operations and the final finishing. Delays may occur if additional time is needed to obtain documents for a legal basement apartment or due to the integration of numerous custom elements in the renovation.

Our team of experts, with extensive experience, will meticulously plan and execute a full basement renovation using cutting-edge materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. Our primary focus is to deliver top-quality results in every basement renovation project.

Is it true that basement renovation is best done in the summer?

Like most other construction and finishing projects, basement renovation & basement finishing is not dependent on outdoor weather conditions or the season. Therefore, there is no need to wait for specific temperatures or particular seasons like spring, summer, or autumn to start these projects.

During all technological operations in basement renovation & basement finishing, non-toxic materials are used, as well as low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint, which do not require regular ventilation of the space during the work process.

Do you help design the layout of the basement?

Unlike many other basement renovation companies and contractors, we offer absolutely free layout planning and project estimation for basement renovations. Our specialist will demonstrate how to transform a dark and dingy basement into a comfortable living space for all family members.

Before beginning a basement renovation, our specialist visits the client’s home for a preliminary project cost estimation. This free procedure includes a presentation of the company’s capabilities, discussing ideas, and the client’s wishes.

Compiling the estimate typically takes no more than 45–60 minutes. During this time, besides presenting the company and discussing ideas, a 2D-plan of the living space, a 3D-sketch of the basement is created, and the preliminary cost of the entire project is calculated. The only step left is to sign the contract and make a down payment.

Thanks to Finished Basement, you can add 20–30% extra space to your home, which can be utilized in any way you see fit. Plus, if needed, you can also create a legal second unit, which can be rented out for additional income.

What are the benefits of basement renovation?

20–30% More Personal-Use Space. Implementing a basement renovation project significantly expands usable space. It can be used for a variety of purposes — from creating additional living space to establishing a home office.

Additional Space for Night Guests. Expanding living space can include adding an extra bedroom for relatives, friends, or other guests. A basement bedroom can also provide a permanent space for a nanny.

Legal Basement Apartment Income. Remodeling a basement into a legal apartment can provide a continuous source of extra income. With increasing rental costs in Ontario, such a project can be financially rewarding.

Total Real Estate Value Increase. A basement renovation project inevitably raises the overall value of the property. After various upgrades, the house’s value can sometimes increase by up to 70%, quickly offsetting renovation costs.

What are popular ways to use your basement?

Before starting a basement renovation, it’s important to determine the intended use for the space. There are two key options: creating a dream basement for personal use or a legal secondary suite for rental.

The intended purpose of the space should guide any basement renovation project. This will influence the choice of elements and the division of space into separate areas. Here are some ideas to help decide on future renovations:

Do we provide construction materials or do clients need to find them on their own?

Unlike the majority of basement renovation companies and contractors, Finished Basement not only specializes in basement renovation & basement finishing but is also a producer and importer of construction materials and other necessary renovation items.

On one hand, this allows us to offer our clients the best prices. On the other hand, all materials needed for the renovation are readily available in our Ontario warehouses. There’s no need to order them from other Canadian provinces or abroad and wait for a long time.

Do we assist with permits for basement renovation?

Some basement renovation projects require obtaining building permits. This is particularly true for creating a legal secondary suite, which can be rented out for regular additional income to help pay the mortgage or other expenses.

Unlike many other basement renovation contractors, our company assists in obtaining the necessary building permits for basement renovation & basement finishing, as well as all related inspections. This helps in creating a cozy and functional living space without unnecessary time expenditure.

Is it worth doing basement renovation if the basement is damp?

Many basement renovation companies overlook this issue, convincing clients that it’s not a serious problem. Consequently, we often encounter clients who feel dampness even after basement renovations, including remodeling and finishing.

In reality, if dampness is felt in the basement or there are signs of moisture on the walls, it’s crucial to address this issue before starting the basement renovation. To create a comfortable living space for any purpose, it’s important to first conduct a foundation inspection and take care of any cracks in it.

Is basement renovation a good investment?

Basement renovation is one of the best real estate investments today, as it can significantly increase the value of your home if you decide to sell. With the right approach, the value of a private home after basement remodeling can increase by up to 70%, especially since the basement can be rented out for profit.

A finished basement can be a decisive factor in closing a deal. The possibility of renting out the basement, using it as additional living space, or setting up an extra bedroom for a nanny while the children are very young, is highly valuable.

What common mistakes in basement renovation should be avoided?

There are several mistakes to avoid before starting a basement renovation. Some companies don’t inform their clients about these issues to reduce costs, leading to difficulties post-renovation.

Problems that should be addressed include inadequate or incorrect waterproofing, ignored foundation cracks, and poorly planned lighting. A reliable contractor will always prioritize addressing these issues to avoid future complications.

How to estimate the budget for basement renovation?

The most accurate way to estimate basement renovation cost is by obtaining a free basement renovation estimate. Simply contact our company by phone or through one of the many forms on our official website. Our specialist will visit your home and perform all necessary calculations.

More details on this topic can be found on the basement renovation cost page. It’s important to understand that sometimes adjustments in the cost may occur, as with basement renovation projects in Toronto, which often face challenges in accessing the property or poor foundation conditions.

In any case, we understand the importance of having all figures before starting a project. Our estimated cost for basement renovation includes both the price of materials and labor. This level of detail is not offered by all basement renovation contractors in Ontario.

You will receive an estimate with a breakdown of construction aspects. This helps you make a more informed decision about the overall plan for basement remodeling. We offer a completely free cost estimate for the renovation and creation of a living space without any obligation, so our clients can work with us confidently.

Is it possible to finance basement renovation?


Finished Basement Company offers home equity loans to help realize basement renovation projects of any complexity. You can get your dream basement for just C$150–300 bi-weekly through a partnership with FinanceIt Canada Inc.

This applies to both basements for personal use and basement apartments. A legal unit can be rented out immediately to generate income, covering the difference between the monthly loan payment and the high, ever-increasing rent. More information about basement renovation financing is available on our dedicated page.

Is it possible to convert an already finished basement into a legal second unit for rent?


Creating a second unit involves specific material requirements. For a second unit, fire-rated drywall, fire-rated doors, and other fire-resistant materials are necessary. Additionally, a legal basement apartment must be equipped with a smoke detector.

Furthermore, converting to a second unit for rent involves regular inspections by inspectors. They check the correctness of the legal basement apartment project at different stages to ensure its safety for tenants and homeowners.