Money in Your Pocket
By getting financing you do not need to pay any cash from your pocket. This means you can keep the money as emergency fund, investment or for leisure.
Enjoy Now - Pay Later
Instead of waiting 5-10 years to save for your dream basement renovation, you can get all the benefits of your new basement and just repay for it monthly.
Increase Cash Flow
Clients who wish to rent their basement as an apartment make on average $1000-$1500 per month AFTER all financing payments are made.


Answer a Few Questions And Find Out How Much You Are Pre-Approved For
*No Credit Check will be performed


Your monthly payment depends on various factors, such as your credit score, your interest rate and the amount you are borrowing. The lower the borrowing amount and the higher the term – the less you pay monthly. Based on our statistics, an average basement should cost around $299 per month.

The pre-approval amount you get is an average of the highest funding amount that is available to you. 

We work with our 3rd party financing partner to provide these great rates and specialized terms to our clients. Since we are in the business of basement renovation, we can only provide financing enough to cover your renovation project. If you would like to borrow extra to purchase furniture or other appliances, this can be discussed on individual basis