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Basement Renovations Cost

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Cheap Price

Tend to range 5-25% cheaper, but keep in mind quality of labour and materials will be very noticeable. These contractors tend to work without insurance or certified trades people. These companies tend to have less experience, have issues providing time guarantees or providing any quality references. You might even end up spending more fixing errors.

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Market Price

Such as finishedbasement.ca, will be fully insured, bonded and hold licensed professionals on hand. Quality of products used are clearly visible, and providing references from past clients or through HomeStars & BBB wont be a problem. Having decades of experience resulting in smooth construction and on time completion

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Expensive Prices

Tend to be on average 15-50% higher. These companies tend to represent “brand names” that don’t offer any additional value, but significantly increase your budget.

If you find 10-30% of a difference between quotes, there is a reason why. Remember to ask, and understand what the differences are. Pay close attention to them, as they could save you from making the wrong decision.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Framing
  • R12 or R20 Insulation -Vapour Barrier
  • Plumbing & Electrical Rough-Ins
  • Drywall & Taping
  • Primer and Painting
  • 3 Piece Bathroom Finishing Budget
  • Finish Electrical and Plumbing Job

We love our Standard Package. We think it’s a great way to get people started and allow them to imagine what their new spaoe will include. Depending on the amount of space we’re working with, we have two guidelines far how much our basement renovations cost per square foot. We pride ourselves on making sure we give you the best possible basement you can ask for by meeting all of your specifications. We also understand that once you’ve started dreaming about your new basement it’s hard not to want to use it as soon as possible. It’s for this reason, that we almost never spend more than two to three weeks doing a basement renovation.

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Additional For Standard Package

While we take great pride in our Standard Package, we also have a wide variety of non-standard options that you can explore when finishing a basement. Cost estimators can be very helpful but we think it’s best to discuss these things and figure them out together so you end up with exactly what you’re looking fur. If you’d like an idea of what some of our additional options include, they are:

  • Non-Standard Floor Plan: L-Shape Plus 3-5% extra from basic price
  • Irregular Floor Plan: Plus 8-10% extra from basic price
  • Ceiling Height From 8.2ft-9ft: Plus 5% extra from basic price
  • Finishing of Stairs & Railing
  • Columns: Custom Built Post Covering
  • Sub-floor
  • Flooring: Laminate. Engineered Floor. Tiles. Carpet etc
  • Extra Plumbing for Rough-Ina: Bar. Kitchen or Home Spa
  • Extra Electrical: Upgrade AMPs. Rough-in’s etc
  • Cold Room Finishing
  • Details: Niches. Accent Walls. Landing etc
  • Fix Foundation Cracks
  • Built in Fireplace Gas or Electrical & Decoration
  • Bar & Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Ceiling Finishes & Decoration
  • Home Spa:Custom Shower, Steam Room & Sauna
  • Home Theatre: LED, Plasma or Projector Screen
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Here is what you’ll expect during your appointment.

  • Determine a basic understanding of your desired design and layout;
  • Assessing your “needs and wants” while adhering to your budget
  • Analyze foundation walls to identify any structural cracks, mould and any opportunities for window additions, replacements or enlargements
  • Examine structural and mechanical elements, such as: beams, posts, furnace, water heater, ductwork, etc. in order to maximize all available space

Important to know

Every time we meet a new client, we’re amazed that they manage to come up with questions we’ve never heard before. However, the one question they never fair to ask is “how much does it cost to finish a basement?” It’s a simple question with a fairly more complex answer When we present options to clients we like to start by showing them what our Standard Finished Basement.

When comparing quotes, understand that some estimates exclude certain materials and/or services. At Finished Basement, our experience of almost two decades and over 1000 basements, allows us to better determine what is required for your basement renovation and eliminate most unforeseen budget surprises. We pride ourselves in our expertise and are able to provide you with an in-hand written estimate before we leave your home.

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