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We have been a leader in basement renovations for the past 21 years. Our family eats, sleeps, and breaths basements and are here to guide you through this exciting process.

With any renovation you need and expect an educated and experienced professional to help turn your dreams into reality. This is an investment you are making for you and your family.

Most of our clients are new to the world of renovations and can get overwhelmed at times with all the decisions that come with a basement project. This is where we step in.

Since most clients are used to seeing their basement as a dark, empty space, they have a hard time visualizing what the final product will look like. Our design team is ready to ease your anxiety of the unknown.

3D Design – How We Do It

After finalizing your wants and needs our designer works with you and the owner of the company to lay out and design the basement of your dreams. Your input, thoughts, and ideas are helpful in guiding us through your design. We then use our expertise and experience to create the most practical and functional lay out to maximize your new basement space. 2D lay outs are a great way to help our clients better visualize where things go. Bedroom, or bathroom placement. How to structure your open concept space, or where to add your bar or fireplace. Getting a sense of where things will “live” when the project is completed helps our clients understand their options for decor once we are finished renovation. 2D layouts although helpful don’t always help our clients get a full understanding of their new future space. This is where we take your “pencil to paper” layout and turn it into an immersive 3D experience to guide you through your future finished space.
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3R Rendering Design for Your Basement Project

3D renderings allow us to walk you through your basement before we begin building your new space. These virtual tours of your basement will help you understand scale and proportion which we find is the most challenging for our clients to understand.

Like test driving a car, our 3D renderings allow you to see your basement based on your wants and needs, with the guidance of our experienced design team. Allowing you to see different.

Whatever the scope of basement project our dedicated and experienced design team is ready to help guide you to better visualizing and understanding your new basement living space.

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