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Why invest in basement windows?

Egress Basement Windows
Properly installed and enlarged basement windows serve multiple purposes. First of all they increase the natural lights that hit your basement. This automatically makes your basement more appealing to renters and actually increases your home value.

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Reason #1

Get more natural light for your basement:

Basements used to be viewed as a convenient way to add a couple of extra rooms to the house. Over time, basements became actual homes for many people, be it family members or renters. The amount of natural light in your home dictates your mood, health and well being. By enlarging your basement windows you can increase your the value of your basement by 20-30%. Recent survey conducted by a real estate board found out that renters prefer basement units with lots of natural lights and are ready to pay extra $200-$300 dollars per month for such dwellings. For you this means that your investment can be paid off in as little as 1-2 years. And your unit will be always in high demand on the market.

Reason #2

Increase the value and the cost of rent.

Each home owner is always worried about the value of their home. As a matter of fact, for 90% of people, home is their largest investment. It is natural that you want your investment to grow in value. While doing a full basement renovation can be expensive, basement windows enlargement can be a great way to increase your home value fast and easy. 

If you are trying to rent out your basement, but are having no luck, try investing in basement windows to make your property more appealing to the public and to increase its rent value.

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Reason #3

Follow the City Building Code

Each city has its unique rules and regulations which are called the City Building Code. The rules in the code are constantly changed to adapt to new materials, laws and regulations. That is why basements built in 1900’s are very different from basements built in 2000’s. One of the reasons building code is important is to ensure the safety of people who live in the building. That is why, for basement renovations, city requires that in case of fire, windows are to be large enough for a human to quickly and safely escape the building. These windows are also called egress windows. They are mandatory for any “legal basement” be it for rent, or for your relatives to live in. In case city inspector finds out that someone is living in a basement and the windows are not up to the code, fines can be huge. Problems with city, insurance and law authorities are just some of the consequences of not doing your basement windows properly.

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3 Ways to Make Your Basement Windows Better

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Replace your old basement window

Replacing your old metal frame window is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the basement. This means your are throwing old window out, cleaning up the rusted framing and installing a new basement window with new frame on its place. This does not involve changing the size of the window. Such job can be done in a couple of hours and costs around $1000-$1500 depending on the extra work required and your unique situation.

Way #2

Basement Window Enlargement

Enlarging a basement window is a great way to add more natural light to your space. The process involves removing the old window, digging into the ground, cutting into the brick and building a new frame to install a new window.

Cost of the project depends on how large of a new window you want. Typically, standard basement windows have a width of 30″ and a height of 10″ to 14″. Enlarging such window to 30″x24″ or 30″x30″ would cost $3000 to $4000 depending on the difficulty and if window well is required. To go from 30″ width to lets say a 36″ width is slightly more complicated and costs begin at $4000+ per window.

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Way #3

Egress Basement Window Installation

Going from a concrete wall to a brand new basement window is a complex project that requires much more knowledge than a regular replacement. To build a brand new window we first have to establish the wall structure and the window size. If the wall permits, we can start the digging and cutting process. This project can take a full day or longer to complete and costs start from $3500 for very small windows and can reach $7000 for custom size windows such as 48″x48″ used in some walkout basements. No matter how big or small your basement window project is, we are glad to help you out on your journey of making your basement better.

Project Updates

Basement Window Replacement Time Frame

In 90% of cases the replacement of your window can be finished in 1 day. Certain factors that can influence the time frame are the following:

  1. How difficult it is to reach the window area
  2. Is your basement already finished
  3. Are there any concrete or tiling done in the window area
  4. Do you require a custom window size such as 36″ x 36″ or larger.

What to expect during basement window replacement:

  • The estimator will visit your basement and consult you on the options available and prices as well as time frames for the job completion.
  • If you are happy with the quote and length of work, we sign a contract, after which a 50% deposit is required to book a date so we can order materials and supplies.
  • On the set day, our crew will come and replace your window as agreed.
  • Once you are satisfied with the work, we require the balance payment.
  • You can still visit and live in your basement during the work, we just ask that the room where work is done stays unoccupied.
  • There might be a considerable noise during the work as we may require to cut through the foundation. Please be prepared that there will be noise.

The New Level of your Home!!

You will hardly be calling it a basement—your new level of your home is now complete! Enjoy!!!

Perhaps you’ve seen one of our dumpsters in your neighborhood? We need to collect debris on each project, but why not do it better? This is just one of the many ways Finished Basement Company does things differently.

When partnering with Finished Basement Company on your basement finishing project or basement remodel, you benefit from almost two decades of our experience designing and building basements. We have completed thousands of projects.

But what does this mean for you?

“No Headaches” Construction
You’ll not only experience great design, but you’ll truly appreciate our finely-tuned construction management process. Our project managers are highly organized and attentive to detail, not to mention excellent choreographers of the many phases of construction. You will receive frequent communication regarding the progress of your project, and can be (or not be) as involved as you like.

No basement windows project is too small or big for the Finished Basement Team!

Remember to give us a call: 647-557-1115 for a FREE estimate if you are thinking about upgrading your windows!

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Add Some Spice to Your


Basement Windows is something you would want a professional for.

Have a look at this sliding basement window. The following design is a great way to enlarge your basement window on a budget. Such windows are typically $200-$300 less than your average basement egress window. 

Having you basement windows done professionally is a very important step. Hiring unqualified contractors can lead to expensive issues such as mold, water damage, structural damage, electrical and plumbing damage. 

Always make sure you work with contractors that are WSIB insured – this will protect you in case one of the workers gets hurt while working on your property. Also ask the the liability insurance that your contractor has – this will protect your money and your home in case contractor causes some damage to the property.

Here at FinishedBasement.ca we have been insured by WSIB for over 15 years and can provide a clearance certificate on demand. We also have a 5mil liability protection from Desjardens Insurance in case anything were to happen. 

New Window Installation Process

Step #1

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Prepare the foundation for work, remove any grass, concrete or stone paving. Dig a hole for future cutting.

Step #2

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Measure out the window size and start cutting into the house to make room for a new window.

Step #3

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Once the hole is ready, prepare the framing and install the new window. Depending on basement window size, reinforcement of the bricks might be needed

Step #4

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Get the window well installed to make sure that water doesn’t get trapped and makes itself into the basement. Last step is making everything pretty again.

Step #5

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Last step is finishing touches where we put back the pavement or pour concrete back to make the place look better than before.

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, make your basement the envy of your family and friends with a new Basement Window

Trust us, a new egress basement window will not only give your basement that “high end” feel, it also doubles as a focal point.  Give us a call today for a FREE in home estimate – 888-912-4938

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