Basement Renovations Estimate

Here is what you’ll expect during your appointment.

  • Determine a basic understanding of your desired design and layout;
  • Assessing your “needs and wants” while adhering to your budget;
  • Examine structural and mechanical elements, such as: beams, posts, furnace, water heater, ductwork, etc. in order to maximize all available space;
  • Analyze foundation walls to identify any structural cracks, mould and any opportunities for window additions, replacements or enlargements

When comparing quotes, understand that some estimates exclude certain materials and/or services. At Finished Basement, our experience of almost two decades and over 1000 basements, allows us to better determine what is required for your basement renovation and eliminate most unforeseen budget surprises. We pride ourselves in our expertise and are able to provide you with an in-hand written estimate before we leave your home.

Client References (6 min)
Video About Estimate & Prices (1 min)

Keep in mind that quality directly
correlates to pricing

  1. Expensive Prices – tend to be on average 15-50% higher. These companies tend to represent “brand names” that don’t offer any additional value, but significantly increase your budget.
  2. Market Price – such as, will be fully insured, bonded and hold licensed professionals on hand. Quality of products used are clearly visible, and providing references from past clients or through HomeStars & BBB wont be a problem. Having decades of experience resulting in smooth construction and on time completion.
  3. Cheap Price – tend to range 5-25% cheaper, but keep in mind quality of labour and materials will be very noticeable. These contractors tend to work without insurance or certified trades people. These companies tend to have less experience, have issues providing time guarantees or providing any quality references. You might even end up spending more fixing errors.
    If you find 10-30% of a difference between quotes, there is a reason why. Remember to ask, and understand what the differences are. Pay close attention to them, as they could save you from making the wrong decision.