Basement renovations Ancaster

Basement renovations Ancaster

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Our basement renovations typically take from 2 to 3 weeks Start to finish. This includes finishing basement from scratch. Thanks to our time proven methods and systematic approach we are able to meet your deadlines.

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Hand picked materials are imported from all over the world to provide clients with top quality goods, at contractor and dealer discounts, of up to 20% to 60% off retail pricing.

Showroom and design centre

Our 3000 square foot showroom & design centre is full of life size bathroom variations, flooring, tile selections, vanities, saunas… even working toilets, to help you envision your budget in real life.

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You’re in good hands! Your basement will be personally designed for FREE by the founder Igor, who has over 35 years experience in engineering, complimented by a formal arts degree. He has designed over 1000 basement renovation projects and will help maximize the return on your investment!

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We are proud members of WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and carry contractor liability insurance to protect both ourselves and our clients. Our team are licensed, bonded and insured professionals.

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When you partner with Finished Basement, you’ll experience only the best. Quality of materials or service has never been compromised over the 20 years we have been in business. Have a look at our impressive Home Stars 9.8 score and accreditation with the BBB, which ensures our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The historic village of Ancaster developed from a small late 18th century settlement into a thriving 21st century community. Ancaster has a rich heritage with plenty of sights and events that truly showcase the history, art and culture embedded in the town. It is where Griffin House, an official National Historic Site of Canada, is located, which was an instrumental site to the Underground Railroad. This village also holds events such as the Great Pumpkin Stroll on Halloween and the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Old Town Hall.

Hamilton is a great and known place in Ontario for those who want a quiet living – and the charming neighborhood of Ancaster has many different styles of affordable houses to live in. Homeowners can attract more buyers and get a positive return on their investment by financing a basement renovation in Ancaster.

If residents and visitors wish to enjoy the outdoors, there is an abundance of it in Ancaster, which is to several beautiful conservation areas, such as Tiffany Falls, Hermitage Falls and Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

Living in Ancaster also comes with many other perks. Because it is a relatively small village in Hamilton, it also has a tight-knit community. A sense of closeness and togetherness makes residents feel right at home.

Despite its size, it has no shortage of amenities and services, which are all easily accessible within Ancaster, either by car, by public transport or by simply walking to enjoy the town. For the busier, working folk, Ancaster is located relatively close to the core area of Hamilton, and is within an hour or so of downtown Toronto.

The Hamilton International Airport is just 10 minutes away. The housing affordability here is exceptional when compared to Oakville and Toronto, making it a perfect place to set down new roots.With all these comforts, sights and benefits, it’s no wonder that many are moving to Ancaster or choosing to remain in this quiet, urban township. While it has plenty of space above ground, underground spaces such as basements and crawl spaces are an overlooked luxury that comes with owning a home in this village.

Finished Ancaster basements can provide sought-after space and flexibility, and at the same time, address structural issues that may arise due to the environment, time and neglect.

Basement Renovations Services We Offer in Ancaster

We offer the following basement renovation services in Ancaster and its surrounding cities:

Basement Repairing and finishing

Basement repairing must have to take place before you renovate your basement. Damages like structural damage, foundation crack, water penetration, plumbing issues, electrical issues can be there in the basement. If these are not fixed, it can lead to greater damage even if you do not renovate. We have repairing, plumbing and certified electric experts who will fix those issues efficiently.

Basement Flooring

The most important part of basement renovation is flooring. Because you have to spend a lot of time in the basement and the floor has to be friendly. We offer vinyl and laminate flooring service for your convenience. Vinyl and laminate flooring are durable and waterproof.

Basement Bedroom and Bathroom Renovations

Using the basement as a bedroom is a great idea. You will get extra living space for your family. It can be used as a guest room when your guests visit you. A bathroom along with the bedroom offers you more comfort. Our professional team is here to provide you with the best basement home renovation services with utmost efficiency.

Basement Renovations: Improving the Walls

To make a good finish of walls, plastering is the best way to do it. You will need an experienced plastering expert to do it properly and we have individuals who are experts in that. To bring the beauty and aesthetic factor of the basement, our painting experts will paint your basement as per your choice.

Basement Kitchen Renovations

If you want to add a kitchen in the basement for more comfort, our professional builders will build a kitchen facility in your basement.

Basement Lighting and Ventilation

Lighting and ventilation is essential while you decide to use your basement as a living room and home office. You have to ensure that your basement gets sufficient natural light and airflow. Our experts will aid you to add windows and doors for natural light and better ventilation. Apart from that, our certified electricians will install lighting in your basement.

Why you should do Basement Renovations in Ancaster

Renovating an Ancaster basement is an investment of time, effort and money that ultimately pays off in the long run. This is usually because basement renovation projects in Ancaster shines a light on vital structural problems that may have been left alone in the past.

Basement renovations Ancaster

Fixing mould, and Mildew Growth Problems

Houses can be more than 100 years old and, when renovating it, the underground foundations are hardly the first focal point. This is a huge oversight, since basements are susceptible to the growth of mold and mildew, pest infestations, flooding, and cracked foundations that can severely weaken the integrity of the home. Eventually, these issues can build up and end up costing more to repair than if they were highlighted and addressed directly.

Fixing Structural Concerns

Ancaster basement finishes and renovations make good use of this space by adding another function to your home, and at the same time, ensuring that these structural concerns are permanently fixed.

Basement renovations Ancaster

Additional space for living

Basement renovations can include adding new rooms to make space for prospective tenants, new family members and new housemates. Growing families, in particular, need this extra space for immediate family, or to make room and create ‘in-law suites’. Basement apartments – otherwise known as secondary suites – are fast becoming new trends in home renovations due to demand and the potential to make it a rental unit.

To make a basement unit spacious and functional enough to be liveable, it has to make use of contemporary design and architecture. Open living spaces, for example, are becoming more and more popular as this gives the illusion of space.

The basement also has to have windows to ensure that it receives the right amount of light, and these windows have to be sealed correctly to ensure that the basement doesn’t flood during the warmer seasons. Lighting and storage on the walls can be recessed to save even more space, and modular kitchen units can provide the homeowner some flexibility as to what kind of kitchen they want to have in the basement, ranging from bar counters to full kitchens. Washrooms also have to contain a sink, shower and toilet, and this includes outfitting your basement with all the right piping and plumbing.

Use as a recreational space

On the other hand, Ancaster basement renovation projects can also focus on creating more recreational spaces. Basement renovations can entail an indoor home theatre or an indoor gym. They can also create an entertainment area where family and friends can enjoy themselves for parties and gatherings.

Modular bars are a typical choice for a basement unit such as this, including the counter, lighting and cabinetry. Lighter walls, flooring and ceilings and modern fittings are usually the go-to design choices for these kinds of areas, since the illusion of having more space tends to impart a welcoming vibe.

Overall, a new basement renovation project can revitalize your home, transporting even the oldest houses to the present with contemporary Ancaster ba

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Basement renovations Ancaster

Why Choose Us

Renovating an Ancaster basement is an investment of time, effort and money that ultimately pays off in the long run. This is usually because basement renovation projects in Ancaster shines a light on vital structural problems that may have been left alone in the past.

There are various reasons which make the Finished Basement different from others. Here are a few of them:

  • We have been in the basement renovation business for more than 25 years.
  • We have a team of experienced and expert engineers, technicians, and master builders who will handle the entire basement renovation process efficiently.
  • You can expect top quality finish from us without any hesitation.
  • We use the best quality materials for basement renovation to make it long-lasting.
  • We provide basement renovation services at a very competitive price.
  • 100% satisfied clients.

Finished Basement Projects Ancaster

Finished Basement can help you with any basement renovation project, no matter the size and scope of your vision. With 25 years of experience and more than 2000 finished basement projects completed all over Ontario, Finished Basement is dedicated to giving you quality finished Ancaster basement services.

We provide services all across the GTA and beyond, delivering finished basements with care and attention to detail. Our efficient work takes no more than two weeks and can save you up to 40% compared to typical basement renovation fees. This is because we directly and internationally source our materials, removing the time it takes to find suppliers who can provide the building elements we need to build you the perfect basement suited to your needs and wants.

Our basement home renovations hamilton team do in-person visits to determine the exact area of your basement and what needs to be done with the basement before your vision can come to life. Our team can fix any existing issues and fully transform the space into a basement that is ultramodern, functional, and long-lasting. Our clients are consistently satisfied with an end product that is truly something to be proud of.

Contact Finished Basement for a free quote and let us create a basement space for you in Ancaster today

What basement services do you provide in Ancaster?

At Finished Basements, we do basement renovation, basement repair, construction, and light installation. 

What can I do with my Ancaster basement?

Your basement can be a house with all the rooms and kitchen it needs, or it can be a gym or an entertainment space. Whatever your wishes are, we will attend to them.

How much will it cost to renovate my Ancaster basement?

The cost of renovating your basement will depend on the basement’s condition and on how much of the space we will build from scratch. In 2 weeks we can renovate your basement at great and reasonable prices.

Is a permit required for basement renovation in Ancaster?

You need a permit if your basement renovation requires total remodeling and structural changes. Contact us at 888-912-4938 and we will assist you.