Basement Renovations in Brampton

We’ve enjoyed making trips to Brampton over the last two decades. With communities built with new homes, it’s always great to see how each homeowner aspires to make their home unique. In many cases they look to unfinished or basic finished basements as a place to start putting their personal touch on their home. We love to see this and the excitement our clients get when they are presented with the idea of a basement renovation. Brampton residents can picture their houses turning into their homes.

One current trend that many people are following is that of an open concept. It provides optimal space and can give the allusion of a bigger space than you actually have. This can be great. We’ve left many clients very happy with beautiful, open, spacious basements. However, as time moves on, often, the needs of our clients change. Rather than doing an entire redesign of the basement, we often suggest putting up a temporary wall. Temporary walls give you the flexibility you might need if you have children whose needs will constantly be changing without needing to continually make drastic changes to your basement. Also, because they are not attached to the framing they can be removed easily with minimum mess.

Basement renovation contractor in Brampton

The best thing about temporary walls are that you can use them to test different layouts before making a long term commitment to a certain style of space. Spend some time with a home theater next to an office space. They try mixing and matching a children’s play space with a family room. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination when it comes to basement finishing. Brampton is in our backyard so once you’ve decided on what fits your needs, we will gladly help you make it more permanent.