Basement Renovations Oakville

Oakville has some great history. Included in that history are some older homes. We love to get calls in about these homes and listen to what their owners envision. Do they see a new home theater? Maybe a great place for the growing family to spread out in. No matter what type of renovation you might be thinking about in your home, we’d love to be the people you call when you decide it’s time for a change.

One thing trend that we’ve noticed in our nearly two decades of experience is that many of the old homes we go into we built in a time where room divisions were highly sought after. Space was divided for particular use. Today, many people want open concepts. While we respect the history, we’re also excited to show you what we can do to open a space up. Two of the places we see a lot of people start is with their windows and doors. While the doors seem like the obvious way to open up a space, because we’re working with basements, natural light does come at a premium. Enlarging old, small windows is a great way to refresh your space. But you can’t let just anyone do it. Because windows are often built with the structure of the house in mind, it is important that the right workers do the job.

Finished Basement Projects in Oakville

New homes have plenty of great opportunities. Since they are new, they are like a blank canvas, you can turn them into whatever you want. There are no earlier designs that you need to navigate. Just whatever you want. Done. Plus, you never need to worry about surprises behind the walls. Sometimes it’s best to finish your basement while you’re finishing the rest of your house. Why bother with a demolition job when all you need is a basement finishing. Oakville has some great basement’s, with us, yours can be among them.