Basement Renovations Showroom

The Finished Basement Show Room is OPEN Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-3pm and Sun by appointments.

We believe that when you’re renovating your basement it’s best to stay involved in the process. This is going be in your house after all. While looking at pictures and layouts s a great way to begin, we believe that being able to see, touch and experience your new basement is the best way to get a feel for your new basement. It’s for this reason that has a +3000 square foot showroom where we invite all clients and prospective clients to come check out. Interacting with your future basement will help ease the stress of the process. You won’t be wondering if your floors will make too much noise under foot or if your sauna will comfortably fit four people. You can come and see it all for yourself. We’ve even got some rooms lad out for inspiration.

Our goal is to make the transition towards a beautiful new basement as easy as possible. We believe that by putting all the assets together under one roof will not only save you money but time as well. We’re saving you individual trips to the flooring showroom, the fixtures showroom, the bathroom showroom etc and placing them all conveniently together. We believe in working with our clients and this is just one way we like to show them we’re supporting them.
When you enter our showroom you can be confident. Confident you’ll get top-notch service from our highly knowledgeable staff lgor and Natalie. Confident you’ll receive in-depth answers to any questions you might have and confident that any decision you made can be made with certainty knowing that we only stock products that have been handpicked and are of the highest quality. Saving you from making any costly mistakes.

What you’ll find in our showroom:
1. A variety of European Laminate Flooring;
2. An assortment of tiles including: ceramic, porcelain stone and 3-D stone;
3. Working flushable toilets, to test sound, quality and how strong the flush;
4. Working shower panels, to demonstrate their functions;
5. Many different shower enclosures;
6. Custom shower models, with built in benches and steam generators;
7. Sauna’s: Traditional, Infrared& combinations, fitting from 1-6 people;
8. Bar units, to show life size dimensions and finishing options;
9. Fireplace decor& mantel options;
10. Finished stairs and railing;
11. Vanities ranging from 24″-48″;
12. Decor options: niches, ceiling boxes, LED accents;
13. Designers paint comer, to help sort through what colours;
14. 100’s of photos and videos of past projects to view;