Basement Renovations Process

01 Estimate

– 25 – 45 minutes in Home
– Discuss Options, Planning, Preferences
– Discuss Budget – minimum, medium, luxury.

02 The Showroom

– Walk through your future basement – this experience is amplified with our product arrangements that give off the impression of being in your future basement already.
– Touch, feel & see finishes

03 The Booking Date

– Choose your start date
– Clean out Basement
– In – Home design – 2D layouts design made on a concrete floor by designer Igor at your house. Usually designer provides you with 2-3 options. Client choosing the final one.
– 3D Rendering – Transform your 2D ideas and designs into 3D digital visualizations in order to get a better feel for what the client is looking for.

04 The Project Finishing

– Showroom Re-visit – appointment with designer Natalie
– Choose finishes:

  • 2 – 3 pieces bathroom
  • Flooring/tiles
  • Paints
  • Door trims, finishing stairs (styles of spindles)
  • Accent paints (bar, home theater etc), decoration of fireplace
  • Detailed lighting ( to accentuate bar area, home theater etc)

– Finalize details

05 The Build 2 – 3 weeks from start to end

Process divide on 3 phases:

Phase #1

Duration: 4 days.
This includes the next part of the job:
Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, Inspection, Insulation, Drywall.
Involved 10-14 workers-specialists during this 4 days.
Also, this phase include Inspection and fixing foundation cracks, hitting and HVAC etc.

Phase #2

Duration: 4 days.
Drywall taping job – 1 person or team.

Phase #3

Duration: 4 days.
Finishing job:
– Primer, Subfloor, Flooring, Painting,Taping, Finish carpentering job, Stairs and railing, Finishing Bathroom, Columns, Niches, Decoration of fireplace, Crown molding …
– Plumbers finishing job
– Electrical finishing job

06 Final

– Balance
– From start to end we hold your hand