Basement Finishing Oakville

Basement Finishing Oakville

Expert Basement Renovation Services in Oakville

The Finished Basement Company offers comprehensive solutions for basement renovation. With our help, the unfinished basement in your own home in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond will transform into a truly comfortable and functional space, which can be used independently or rented out.

Basement finishing by our highly experienced specialists is done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and also involves the use of the latest developments in terms of energy efficiency and other technical innovations. Finished Basement is a recognized leader in the Greater Toronto Area and other cities in Ontario.

Who is the Intended User of this Renovated Basement

Before starting the basement renovation process, it is important to determine who will be the intended user of the future space. An unfinished basement can be turned into a legal basement rental unit for monthly additional income or a space with maximum entertainment facilities for personal use.

In this case, the owners decided to get a new basement to achieve more living space in their own home. They implemented it in an open concept format with a separate bathroom and bedroom, as well as various spaces for entertainment and personal hobbies. For them, a large TV with good sound for watching movies and a place to play the piano were very important.


The interior designers of the Finished Basement Company will think through the basement renovation ideas down to the smallest detail. And our experienced specialists will bring them to life by performing remodeling services of any level of complexity. Thanks to an efficient approach, basement renovation usually takes no more than 2–3 weeks.

Key Elements of Basement Renovation Services in Oakville

Before planning a basement renovation or basement finishing, it is important to think about the exact functional purpose that the most underestimated room of a private house should have. The Finished Basement Company provides a full range of services, so the list of ideas that can be organized for a new basement is limited only by imagination.

Some want to expand the living space of their home, some want to get an additional bedroom for unexpected guests, and there are those who want to have a real wine cellar right in their basement. Before starting the finishing process, the specialists of our company, together with the designer, think through absolutely all possible nuances.

Open Concept Basement Space

Basement Finishing Oakville

The owners of an unfinished basement in a private house located in Oakville wanted to achieve more living space within the basement renovation of their private home. Therefore, they chose an open concept layout, which implies a common space that can be used for various tasks according to one’s desire.

The open concept layout involves using most of the basement area of one’s private home as a common living space, divided into separate functional zones at the owner’s discretion. Specifically, in this case, space was allocated for a home theater, a home office with elements of a gym, and more.

Basement Home Theater Space

Basement Finishing Oakville

Even at the planning stage of the basement renovation, the owners of this private house decided that the main part of the basement would be occupied by a home theater with a large TV and a modern audio system, presented as a set of separate speakers distributed around different parts of the room.

The homeowners also use the home theater as a game room, which helps bring together all family members and friends. For this, they acquired a modern PlayStation 5 console from Sony, which also acts as a streaming box for access to all modern multimedia services with visual content and music.

Non-Standard Basement Stairs

Basement Finishing Oakville

When planning a basement apartment, the bathroom is a crucial component, and its placement and functionality must be carefully thought out in advance. A simple powder room won’t suffice for a full living space, so it’s essential to consider various 3-piece basement bathroom designs.

To make the basement bathroom aesthetically appealing, designers often creatively play with lighting in this space. Beyond recessed lighting, wall sconces and other supplemental light fixtures are frequently used to add warmth and coziness to the bathroom.


Finished Basement, acting as general contractors, will save you 2 and even 3 days of your time. Just 45 minutes spent in the company's 3000 sq ft demonstration room will help determine all the details of the future basement renovation, including materials, type, as well as the volume of remodeling services, appearance, and functionality of the entire basement as a whole.

Advanced Ideas for Unfinished Basement in Oakville

Floor Tiles for Basement Entrance Area

Choosing the right material for each element is a crucial step in planning a basement renovation, especially in a frequently overlooked area of your home. This selection process can help transform the basement into a space that is not only design attractive but also maximally practical and functional over its entire lifetime.

In the entrance area, special floor tiles are used that not only look great but also retain their original appearance even after several years of intensive use. You can also transform your basement by implementing this and other finishing ideas to your taste.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Feature Wall with Fireplace for Living Space

The main accent of the living space and the entire room in this basement remodel was decided to be a feature wall finished with artificial stone. An electric fireplace is built into it, which not only looks great but also serves as an additional heating device for the room.

A large TV, which is part of the home theater, is mounted on the feature wall. Also, the central speaker of the entire audio system, which consists of a large set of speakers placed around the perimeter of the room to create a maximally voluminous sound, occupies an important place on it.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Additional Wall Lighting for Bathroom

In this basement renovation project in a private house located in Oakville, a lot of interesting elements and details are used. For example, wall lights are used as additional sources of lighting in the bathroom. They are maximally energy efficient but make the room even more comfortable to use.

When planning a basement renovation in a private house, it is important today to pay attention to lighting not only in bathrooms but also in other parts of the basement. To create a maximally cozy atmosphere, you should focus not only on ceiling lights but also on wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Stylish Shutters for Basement Windows

Shutters, which some homeowners install on basement windows during a renovation, also deserve attention. On the one hand, they are very easy to open to maximize natural light in the room. On the other hand, they can be easily closed when necessary.

When planning a simple repair or reconstruction of a basement, it is important to think through in great detail many nuances not only from the point of view of appearance but also from the position of energy efficiency and other details. Therefore, when thinking about transforming your basement, contact companies that have extensive experience in this area.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Custom Niche for Custom Shower Room

Another interesting aspect of this basement renovation is the use of a large number of various custom elements. For example, a custom shower room is used here with a floor made of mosaic, which not only looks great but also performs very well in constant contact with moisture.

Another interesting element is a custom niche for cosmetic products used in the shower. The same wall tiles are used in it as in the entire shower room. It looks very minimalist and proves to be extremely practical over long-term use.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Full Oak Treads for Basement Stairs

An important aspect of every basement finishing is planning the materials that will be used for various elements of the room. It is important to find an ideal balance between quality materials, which will perform well in everyday use over several years, and their cost.

When finishing the most underrated room in their private house, the clients of this project focused on the highest quality materials. This staircase was not made by our specialists, but by the builder. However, the horizontal part of each tread here is made of solid oak, which we also usually recommend to our clients because of its practicality.

Basement Finishing Oakville
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Entrust your renovation to a team of professionals who value their reputation and consistently rank at the top of verified ratings. They will help with room layout, material selection, and other renovation details, and will offer optimal remodeling services and solutions for your unfinished basement.

Separate Basement Bedroom

Basement Finishing Oakville

An important element of this particular basement was a separate guest bedroom. The owners of this private house often have friends and relatives visiting who stay overnight, so they wanted to create additional living space specifically for them in the form of an extra bedroom. Such solutions are quite common.

This additional bedroom uses minimal furniture as it is not intended for long-term stays. Therefore, instead of a full-fledged wardrobe for clothes, for example, an open closet is used, which allows temporarily hanging clothes needed for the next few days.

3-Piece Basement Bathroom

Basement Finishing Oakville

As the owners of the private house, where this basement is located, often have friends or relatives staying for several days, an important task during the renovation was to create a separate bathroom. Moreover, it was also needed as an additional one when the whole family gathers in the home theater or other parts of the room.

Bathrooms planned for the basement can be of different shapes and sizes, as well as vary in functional content. Owners often prefer a regular powder room with only a vanity and toilet. But in this case, a full-fledged 3-piece basement bathroom with a custom shower room was chosen.

Basement Home Gym Space

Basement Finishing Oakville

When planning a renovation in the basement, homeowners also often allocate separate space for a full-fledged home gym or at least its individual elements. This project was no exception, and multifunctional cardio equipment became part of the overall open concept.

This project uses a portable treadmill and an exercise bike. Both machines are equipped with built-in displays for monitoring the results of their workouts and various multimedia visual content. However, they are located near the home theater, so you can use it for entertainment during workouts.

Related Ideas for Modern Finished Basement

Basement Feature Wall Ideas

Basement Feature Wall Ideas

The feature wall should be the true focal point of the entire space. It typically stands out against the rest of the wall, often by using a darker color and optionally adorned with artificial stone or tiles. Typically, a television is mounted on it, and its lower section can accommodate an electric or gas fireplace.

Basement Home Theater Ideas

Basement Home Theater Ideas

Home theaters are frequently part of an open concept basement, but some homeowners prefer a dedicated room for movie-watching. The decision hinges on the available space and the owner’s preferences. A home theater can encompass a variety of engaging features that need careful planning.

Open Concept Basement Ideas

Open Concept Basement Ideas

Thanks to the open concept layout, a residential basement becomes highly multifunctional. It can serve as an entertainment center for all family members, often including areas for watching both new and classic movies and series, a home gym, and even a contemporary bar.

Basement Stairs Ideas

Basement Stairs Ideas

Designing the stairs in a basement is an integral part of its planning. It’s crucial to work on its structure, choose materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional for long-term use. Additionally, you can utilize the space beneath the stairs in various innovative ways.

Walkout Basement Ideas

Walkout Basement Ideas

A great idea when renovating the often-underutilized space of a residential basement is to create a full-fledged walkout basement. A separate entrance is particularly vital for a complete apartment intended for renting out, but it’s also advantageous for personal use of the space.

Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement bathrooms vary significantly in size, layout, design, lighting, finishing materials, and many other features. When selecting a design, it’s essential to consider the room dimensions, personal preferences, budget, and the recommendations from the construction or renovation company you’re working with.

Successfully Implemented Basement Renovations Ideas

Storage Room with Laundry Elements

When planning the reconstruction of their basement, the owners of this private house also paid attention to creating additional rooms. In addition to separate bedrooms and bathrooms, they also implemented additional space for a storage room with laundry elements and an open closet for temporarily storing clothes after washing and ironing.

Laundry is often placed in the basement of a private house to get rid of the noise in its main part created by the washing and drying machines during operation. Moreover, laundry elements are often combined with a storage room to save space and achieve maximum functionality of the space.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Custom Shower Room with Multifunctional Shower Panel

Special attention was paid by the owners of the private house, in which this basement is located, to the bathroom as a whole and the shower room in particular. In this case, a custom shower room is used with a floor made of mosaic, as well as a custom niche for cosmetics.

For a custom shower room, there are no restrictions on size and functional content. In this case, for example, a multifunctional shower panel is used. It supports a large number of different water procedures, is very simple in regular use, and maintenance.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Mosaic Floor for Custom Shower Room

Different finishing options can be used for the floor in a custom shower room today. However, mosaic and large floor tiles laid in an envelope shape with a slope in the center are the most common. In this case, the first option was chosen, which looks great and performs well in use.

The main thing when planning a custom shower room for the basement is to achieve its waterproofing. All floor covering options offered by our company show maximum positive results in this regard over a long period of use.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Stylish Basement Pole Covers

An important nuance when planning the reconstruction of any basement is considering various ideas related to hiding metal columns used in the foundation construction. They are often played up in the design and covered with special decorative panels.

There are many small nuances in the basement finishing process that are very important to work out with a professional designer who has been involved in this process for many years. Otherwise, there is a risk of overlooking small details that will later cause inconvenience, catch the eye, and so on.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Dedicated Space for Owners Music Hobby

The owners of this basement had an important request to plan part of the basement of this private house for use for their favorite hobby. They love playing the piano, which found its place in the entrance part of this room near the stairs.

Basement space is often used for working with musical instruments precisely because it provides an opportunity to shield the main space of the house from excessive noise that may disturb other family members. For the same reason, other noisy items are moved here.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Extra Space for Basement Home Library

The owners of this basement are passionate about modern and classic literature of various genres and directions. Therefore, one of their wishes was to plan a small library in the form of open shelves with books, as well as a place for their regular reading with additional directed light. This request was very easy to satisfy.

A separate space near the stairs at the entrance to the basement space was allocated for reading books. When our company is engaged in the construction of the staircase itself, it is also possible to provide for the location of books in the space directly under it. By the way, it can also be used for various other tasks.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Finished Basement guarantees that all performed services comply with the Ontario Building Code (OBC). This reflects the company’s commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards for remodeling services. We guarantee that the basement renovation will meet legislative and safety requirements.

If any installation defects of any basement elements are found during the 5-year warranty period, we undertake to eliminate them. Any defective remodeling services will be redone without additional payment. This warranty underscores our unwavering commitment to meeting clients’ needs.

Interesting Details for Finished Basement in Oakville

Comfortable Recliners for Living Space

This basement has room for a large number of various elements that make the use of the entire space as comfortable as possible. Some of them were chosen by the owners of the premises, others were suggested by our company's employees. This also applies to the living space.

A large part of this basement space is occupied by a home theater, which gathers all family members, relatives, and friends around it. Its highlight is the comfortable recliners, in which you can comfortably settle down at the end of the working day for watching any movies or for interesting digital games.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Full Separate Speakers Setup for Home Theater Space

There are two basic options for implementing audio systems for home theaters most often used in basements. On the one hand, you can simply install a single modern universal soundbar for cinema and music. On the other hand, you can prefer a whole set of speakers with subwoofers.

The owners of this particular basement chose the second option and acquired a set of speakers for surround sound. Yes, it seems quite bulky and takes up a lot of space. However, watching movies, listening to music, and modern electronic games feel great with it. And its location in the basement does not bother those who are in the main part of the house.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Modern Gaming Console for Home Theater Space

The modern home theater has been turned into a real game room by installing a next-generation gaming console. It is about the PlayStation 5, which the private house owners use from time to time in the basement. This is another example of the universal use of various spaces in the room.

The basement can become the main entertainment space of one's own house and even a real man cave. The main thing is to think through the location of all kinds of entertainments in it. Some even create a separate game room with modern and vintage digital entertainments for real video game enthusiasts.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Open Closet for Basement Bedroom

Since the additional bedroom in this basement is not intended for regular use, there are no closets for permanent storage of clothes. Instead, an open closet is used, which gives temporary guests the opportunity to place their things on it for a few days.

The refusal of closed cabinets made it possible to increase the usable space both in the bedroom itself and throughout the basement. However, it is important to note that for permanent use this approach is not suitable. The fact is that in the basement, as in any other room of the house, dust accumulates, and with an open closet over time it will simply settle on clothes.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Home Gym Elements for Home Office Space

An interesting approach to the universal use of basement space was also the installation of cardio equipment and other gym elements right next to the home office. They became a common part of the open concept and fit perfectly into the interior, so there was no need to allocate a separate room for them.

Moreover, it is important to understand that prolonged work in a sitting position at an office desk, installed here, implies the need for regular breaks for warm-up. This can be achieved with the help of a treadmill or exercise bike, which are located right here.

Basement Finishing Oakville

Additional Office Desk in Basement Bedroom

It is also worth paying attention to the additional work desk installed in the basement bedroom. It provides an opportunity to quietly engage in any professional activity even when someone is actively using the home theater or other spaces in the basement.

This is another example when the same room is used for several different tasks. In this case, the additional bedroom very easily becomes a full-fledged workplace, which allows you to focus on professional activities without all sorts of distracting factors.

Basement Finishing Oakville