The excitement of planning and designing your new basement living space can quickly become an overwhelming, disconnected reality if you do not have a plan and logical vision.

Our experienced team at finishedbasement.ca are always happy to share in this excitement, especially when we can help make your ideas become realities!

Many clients have a vision of a basement home office. A slice of space where they can focus on the family budget for their next vacation, or sort through some bills, or work on that “next big thing”. Once you snap yourself back into reality, basement office ideas are soon to become topics of conversation. Where should we locate our new basement office? How much square footage should it take up?

Basement office ideas are essentially endless.

The internet is full of inspiration when it comes to basement home office ideas. Space conscience furniture, lighting, aesthetic fixtures all play a part in the final product. But in order to get there you have to start from the beginning which is where we at finishedbasement.ca come in. Our experienced team will come to your residence and sit down with you to plan out your new basement living space. During this process our team listen to your wants and walk you through the best possible way to utilize your new space. We walk you through the “do’s and don’ts” and help you better envision your space. Allowing us this time to explain our design perspective is key to getting you to your decorating stage.

Having your home office in the basement is a great way to create a space where you can easily get away and be professionally productive. Some may be concerned about the idea of having their home office in the basement. Will it feel too small? Will I have enough light? It is understandable that one might have these apprehensions.
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Our experienced design team will lead you in the right direction when it comes to the layout of your new basement home office. We are inspired by the latest design trends from around the world, and our extensive experience with basement renovation in the GTA gives us many advantages when it comes to bringing your basement home office to life. Our goal is to help you envision your space before it even exists. By guiding you step by step through your renovation we help you narrow down your many ideas to only the best suited for your space. Our goal is to always utilize the space as efficiently as possible while maintaining your budget, making sure all your needs are met with your new space.



It is easy to get carried away with basement office ideas. It is our job at finishedbasement.ca to make the experience of renovating your basement and creating your new basement home office space a pleasurable reality. We would be lying if we said we were not excited about the unique challenges that are presented to us at each new renovation site. It is what continues to drive our team to exceed all our clients’ expectations. From our skilled design team to our highly skilled and experienced tradesmen we pride ourselves in delivering your dream basement space. So contact our team at finishedbasement.ca and let us create your new basement living space.