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Moving to Aurora, Ontario is a choice that many people make for Aurora’s proximity to quality education, beautiful outdoor spaces, accessible amenities and services, and the sense of close-knit community and togetherness. Aurora is perfect for families who want close proximity to good schools and plenty of outdoor space to cultivate active lifestyles. Properties in Aurora are affordable and a house with an expansive yard goes for the same price as a small apartment in downtown Toronto. While housing prices have definitely increased and many smaller suburbs are being built, this thriving, affluent community is still the perfect place to move to for aspiring couples and all types of growing families.

Buying a home in Aurora means that the house may either be new or old. Basements are a common trait in many homes in Ontario, and when remodelling an older house to make it more modern and contemporary, basements are a vital area of the home that is overlooked all too often. Basements can be a place for storage, but with growing families and changing lifestyles, it can also be transformed to create new spaces that add function to your house, truly making it your own.

Reasons to Renovate Your Basement

Aurora basement renovations tend to extend the purpose of the basement as more than just a storage space, but they also have the added effect of highlighting any problem areas in the foundation of the house that homeowners may not always notice at first glance. A common issue for older homes, for example, are cracked foundations. These cracks, on their own, might not cause significant damage to the house immediately, but the damage it invites does build up over time. The basement can flood if the foundations are cracked and the windows are not properly sealed. The dark, humid conditions in basements create a perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew and fungus. Cracks can also be a way for pests to enter your home. The basement walls and ceilings can bend and bow, making it difficult to install new things underground if the space is not plumb and level. Pipes can also freeze during the winter and require constant checking to ensure that they are still properly insulated, otherwise risking constant repairs and even more hassle.

Basement renovations take all this into account and ensure a properly finished Aurora basement does not require constant repairs. Having a finished basement means that people will pay attention to the basement instead of neglecting it, and that the existing issues are properly fixed during the renovation process. It is an investment for the future, and even adds value to your home should you choose to sell or use the basement as a tenant space.

Basement Renovation Ideas

Aurora basements often benefit from contemporary renovations and basement finishes. When done correctly, basements that seem small may actually offer more space than you realise. Aurora basement renovations can also add height to your ceiling, giving you more room to work with in terms of design and functionality.

One basement renovation idea is having an indoor theatre. This can come equipped with a projector and a screen that takes up most of the wall and furnished with plush leather seats and couches that simulate the feeling of being in the theatre. The ceiling itself can be outfitted with a stretch ceiling – a kind of ceiling that helps dampen the noise and can come in various designs and textures. This type of ceiling can also be backlit and can be designed to simulate a starry night sky. You may also choose to have a fireplace in the basement to keep it warm, especially since these underground spaces tend to be colder than the rest of the house.

Another is having your home office in the finished Aurora basement. This is suited for those who want to stay at home more and still have privacy, peace and quiet in an otherwise lively house. Basement home offices can be a convenient way to get work done without having to suffer through long commutes. Consequently, day-to-day expenses are significantly lowered, your office setup is more suited to your tastes, and it can even give you the flexibility to spend more time with family.

Other personal renovations include adding an indoor gym, indoor spa and many more spaces that truly convert the basement into a distinguishable living space, separate from the house above ground.

Many finished basements across Ontario usually opt to turn their basements into residential units, otherwise known as secondary suites, or in-law suites to accommodate extended family members. Aurora basement rental units can give you a passive source of income and add even more value to your basement renovation investment.

Finished Basement Projects Aurora

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