Basement renovations Concord

Basement renovations Concord

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Our basement renovations typically take from 2 to 3 weeks Start to finish. This includes finishing basement from scratch. Thanks to our time proven methods and systematic approach we are able to meet your deadlines.

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Hand picked materials are imported from all over the world to provide clients with top quality goods, at contractor and dealer discounts, of up to 20% to 60% off retail pricing.

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Our 3000 square foot showroom & design centre is full of life size bathroom variations, flooring, tile selections, vanities, saunas… even working toilets, to help you envision your budget in real life.

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You’re in good hands! Your basement will be personally designed for FREE by the founder Igor, who has over 35 years experience in engineering, complimented by a formal arts degree. He has designed over 1000 basement renovation projects and will help maximize the return on your investment!

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We are proud members of WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and carry contractor liability insurance to protect both ourselves and our clients. Our team are licensed, bonded and insured professionals.

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When you partner with Finished Basement, you’ll experience only the best. Quality of materials or service has never been compromised over the 20 years we have been in business. Have a look at our impressive Home Stars 9.8 score and accreditation with the BBB, which ensures our commitment to customer satisfaction.

When looking for residential properties in Concord, most tenants and potential homeowners usually look to Vaughan or Thornhill due to its close proximity to these areas. Concord is a major industrial area in Ontario due to the large empty spaces to its southern end. It has roots in farming and being a postal community, and later, due to the rise of technology and urbanisation, has very much turned into a business district. It is home to multinational businesses and headquarters.

Much of its population actually live in the neighbouring areas, but that is not to say that Concord runs short of its own residential spaces. High-rises, for example, offer a great view of Ontario. Houses and homes in this community have more room to work with in terms of horizontal space, but also, vertical, in terms of basement spaces.

Renovated Concord basements are in increasingly high demand as more and more residents want to be closer to their work, to be farther away from the growing populations of Vaughan and Thornhill, or to simply have a change of pace. Not only that, a renovated basement attracts potential buyers most of the time.

Finished Concord basements are also the perfect way to attract new people to the area by inviting people over to enjoyable, relaxing spaces. A finished Concord basement can provide a refuge far from the cramped and claustrophobic work environments in the GTA.

Our Basement Renovation Services in Concord

Finished Basement is a renowned basement renovation contractor in Concord and its surrounding areas. We are well equipped with professional renovators and with the advanced tools and equipment to provide the best service. Our basement renovation services include:

  • Basement bedroom
  • Basement bathroom
  • Basement kitchen
  • Basement finishing and repairing
  • Basement wall improvement
  • Basement flooring
  • Basement lighting

Whenever you need any kind of basement renovation-related service, contact us without any hesitation. Our team of experts will reach your doorstep at a scheduled time.

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Concord Basement Renovations Ideas

Think of your basement as another floor in your home, giving you more space to use for improvement and growth. Making an additional bedroom along with bathroom and kitchen in the basement is a complete package for living. Use it as a space to expand the possibilities of your interior or diversify it.

If your home has an older interior and you want to transform the basement into a contemporary space, changing the ceiling, walls and floor can do wonders, even without the other fittings that go in a basement. The shapes and colours of spaces with modern design aesthetics are usually sleek, clean and highlighted by bursts of carefully chosen colour that accentuate the neutral tones even more.

Consider accessories, seating or furniture with bright colours, for example, set against a neutral, basic backdrop. Colour blocking is a rising trend in basement renovation interior design, as well. Lines are also important in these kinds of designs. Strong, visible lines – be it curved, horizontal, vertical or slanted – are usually found in the architectural details. Geometric shapes, wall art, sculpture, and even the shape of your furniture go into this as well.

As for flooring, you can install flooring according to your taste. There are various flooring options available at Finished Basement and you have the freedom to choose according to your taste and budget.

You may also want to consider using modern construction materials, such as stretch ceilings. These ceilings are perfect for finished Concord basements, as they offer a wide variety of benefits by being resistant to humidity and being sound absorbent. These ceilings can also be backlit or made into a starry sky ceiling for an indoor home theatre, truly giving you the feeling of watching your favourite films and TV shows outdoors.

Lighting is equally important to the overall layout and construction of your Concord basement renovation. Recessed lighting and backlit lighting can ensure that you don’t lose any of the ceiling height. A well-lit space also gives the illusion of having more space than there actually is. Lighting can also come in more innovative and experimental forms, such as lights underneath the cabinetry to light up the bar and counter, or LED lighting around the cabinetry and underneath the counter surface.

Utilising the basement walls and basement layout to their fullest potential can further give the perception of space and openness to your underground level area. Concord basement finishes need to consider the amount of storage available to you by creating a separate storage room, helping you find the right place to put any storage furniture, or using your wall itself as storage by installing recessed cabinetry in the walls itself. All of this is to improve the storage capabilities of your basement, so you do not have to completely lose a storage space in the process of having a Concord basement renovation.

Overall, the goal is to make the basement space an inviting space, but also a liveable one. Concord basement finishes should also consider where to put the plumbing, wiring and piping, not just for the basement, but for the house as a whole. Windows, too, have to be installed according to Ontario Building Codes to ensure that the basement is not too stuffy and gets the proper ventilation it needs.

Other structural aspects include paying attention to the foundations of the house and the walls of the basement. The entire space – including its existing contents, fittings and the overall structure – need to be assessed first, instead of simply measuring the area from one corner to the other.

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Why Choose Us

Finished Basement is serving Concord and its surrounding areas with the best quality basement renovation services. If you are thinking of a dream basement, we can make it real for you with our services. There are various reasons to choose us among others. Here are a few reasons for them:

  • We are operating our basement renovation business for over 25 years and we are one of the trusted basement renovation contractors in Concord.
  • We offer our basement renovation services at a competitively less price than other local contractors without compromising on quality.
  • Our engineers, technicians and builders are certified, licensed and vastly experienced. They will professionally handle the entire project and make sure everything is according to your choice. Our expert’s amazing job makes the Finished Basement one of the most popular basement renovation contractors in Concord.
  • To bring out the perfection, our renovation experts pay their full attention to every detail.
  • Cheaper materials may give you instant solutions but they can cause potential dangers ahead. We always utilize the best quality materials for top Quality Renovation services.
  • One of our supervisors will do the constant communication with you to give the project update.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • We will deliver our basement renovation services perfectly to you within a short span of time.

Finished Basement Projects Concord

Finished Basement
has over 25 years of experience in finished basement renovations and construction. We have worked on thousands of projects across the GTA and across Ontario, with our clients constantly pleased with the end result. Our approach involves consulting with you through every step of the way to ensure that your vision is carried out, from planning to construction.

Finished Basement can provide 2D or 3D views of your Concord basement finishes to help you visualize the outcome from the very beginning. Basement renovations do not have to be stressful, and the end result should be something that costs you the same quality that you pay for. To that end, our team at Finished Basement guarantee to beat any written quotes brought to us by 5%. We can also save you an additional 30-40% of total renovation costs, since we do not have to wait for external suppliers to provide material. All our material is directly and international sourced and stored in the Finished Basement headquarters. You can even view these materials in our showroom.

You can have an unlimited amount of possibilities for your Concord basement renovation with a seemingly limited amount of space. Finished Basement can help you open up the lower level area and show you the basement renovation solutions available to you. Contact us for a free quote and visit our showroom today to explore your potential finished basement designs. Contact us today and get free estimates and free quotes.