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Wedged between Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham, Thornhill is a central location close to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and considered one of the more upscale neighbourhoods in Ontario. It boasts the old village of Thornhill with historic buildings and homes from the 1700s and, at present, shopping centres, community centres and the top schools in the GTA that offer quality education. To further distinguish itself from the cramped and building-choked streets of Toronto, Thornhill also features vast parklands to provide a momentary escape from the traffic and the crowds. Spacious yards and picturesque homes line the streets of Thornhill.

Thornhill’s urban growth, of course, is attributed to its close proximity to the GTA, and this entails the massive population boom around the 1970s. Many athletes and artists also call Thornhill home, proving that the education system and the neighbourhood truly does nurture talent and skill. Thornhill’s prime location – its proximity to the city, accessibility and overall environment – is perfect for families who seek a sense of community while also being close to the city. Parents can drive to the city for work and shave time off of their commute; the kids can have their pick of schools in the area. The senior community thrives in Thornhill, especially those who wish to be closer to their families in the area. Single adults also find the relative ease of access preferable to long commutes on the TTC and public transport.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that the rent in Thornhill has skyrocketed along with the desire of both families and individuals to be a part of this community. If you’re looking for a budget rental, Thornhill may not be the neighbourhood for you. The demand for more modern homes and residences has also increased, resulting in people often moving away, from North York to downtown Toronto. However, our team at Finished Basement knows that moving down can potentially save you more money than if you moved away from this amazing, family-oriented community. Finished Thornhill basements can also let you pay attention to structural problems that arise from living in an old house, and a renovated Thornhill basement can even bring in extra income from potential tenants.

Recreational Renovated Basements Thornhill

Thornhill basement renovations aren’t always meant to create new rooms and residential spaces. They can be a space of recreation and enjoyment, for example, with the right sound system and indoor home theatre screen. You can even choose to complete the look with a starry night ceiling. You may even choose to include a modular bar for entertaining guests or inserting mood lighting to further accentuate your contemporary basement design choices. With the right lighting, ceiling and flooring, basements can also have indoor gyms, allowing you to stay fit in the comforts of your own home. To further elevate the space and increase your storage capacity, Finished Basement can even utilize wall niches as extra storage spaces, ensuring that the items and possessions that you currently have don’t all have to be donated or thrown away.

Beyond communal spaces, basement washrooms can also be a space where you feel relaxed. the Finished Basement can incorporate multiple bathroom and washroom layouts, including a European-style indoor spa that enables you to take a moment to yourself and truly escape the hustle and bustle of the GTA. This basement space can be completely renovated from top to bottom, ensuring that your finished Thornhill basement is enjoyed by both family and friends.

Residential Renovated Basements Thornhill

Family ties and connections are one of the most important reasons why residents choose to live in Thornhill. This idyllic community is home to many diverse households, which is why, when the family unit grows, so too does the need for space. Thornhill renovated basements are one of the answers to this problem. Families want to move down, and this also means ensuring that their Thornhill basement is suitable for residential purposes, whether it is to make room for a growing family, to create ‘in-law suites’ or to simply make a space for prospective tenants.

However, the basement is usually attributed to piping, wiring, plumbing, heating and storage. It can be subject to damage due to neglect, as some repairs to these particular housing necessities do not take into account the state of the basement as a whole. Cracked foundations can arise, especially for older homes, which are particularly plentiful in Thornhill. Flooded basements can also produce long-lasting issues that include the growth of mold and mildew, among other things. The lack of light in basements typically contributes to this as well.

When renovating your Thornhill basement, these problems can cause a multitude of headaches. You may wonder where your piping, wiring and heating would go, for example, or worry about the space available to you.

The answers to these problems are modern design and innovative, efficient construction. Finished Basement has over 20 years of experience in renovating Thornhill basements and producing finished Thornhill basements that help you save money and make the best use of your space, all with your input and with careful consideration of your needs and wants. Our team can support and help you with the planning and design stage, and finally carry out this vision with our quality basement renovation constructions. We know that having contractors walk in and out of your home for months is a hassle in and of itself, which is why Finished Basement guarantees a two-week completion of your renovated and finished basement. Finished Basement can help you save on renovation costs for up to 40%. Finished Basement has direct sources to materials, saving you time and money, instead of waiting months for renovation materials to come in. We guarantee to beat all written quotes by 5%.

From installing windows and creating space for new rooms to outfitting full apartment units with modular kitchens and a living room, Finished Basement can help you explore your options at an affordable price that is sure to be a lasting solution for your family.