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Etobicoke was built to be the very picture of suburbia. While Toronto saw a massive growth in high-rises, urban developments and ultra-modern businesses, Etobicoke was and has always been a place that people can comfortably call home. Throughout the years, Etobicoke has been combined with the Greater Toronto Area and has seen a massive growth in urbanisation and population. Growth shows in the changing architecture of homes and houses and the amount of industrial areas in and around Etobicoke. Etobicoke feels more and more like a bridge between metropolitan lifestyles and quieter, calmer suburbia.

Some residents have welcomed these changes and decided to stay; others seek to move either into the city or further away from it. However, moving away comes with its own difficulties. It may require selling a home, and subsequently buying or renting a new one. Moving to another area also demands some time for adjustment. More and more people are realizing that moving down to basements is better than moving away. A finished Etobicoke basement can address your need for a change of pace, a new space or a bigger living area.

Etobicoke Basements

Residents of the Etobicoke area may find initial difficulties to moving down to their own basements. Etobicoke is a low-lying area which can cause significant basement flooding in the rainier months and during snowmelts in the spring. Basements have to be sealed properly and thusly maintained, and in older houses, this might be difficult to do, especially since basements are often one of the most neglected floors in a household. They are often used for storage, or simply an area used to house heating, plumbing and household necessities. During floods, these objects and fittings can be damaged, along with the basement itself, which sustains water damage over time. Older structures may also have cracked foundations, as well as persisting problems relating to wiring, piping and plumbing that are only temporarily addressed.

At the moment, the number of living spaces are increasing in demand as the GTA continues to expand and grow. This demand is mostly driven by a need to accommodate prospective tenants or a growing family. Tenants can come as newcomers, long-term residents looking to move into a new place, or students studying at University of Guelph-Humber, Humber College and Albion College. These tenants can come from all walks of life and have budgets of their own, but all are looking to reside in a liveable space that covers all their needs. Usually, most residential basements should aim to have most of the living amenities, comforts and necessities of a home. Kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms are one of the most important elements of a renovated residential basement. Bathrooms can be fully renovated or partly renovated to include indoor spas and space-saving layouts.

Additionally, basements can also be used as entertainment areas for the family and for guests to enjoy. This can entail an indoor home theatre or games room. The ceiling can be sound proofed to ensure that the residents of the house above ground are not disturbed. Some homeowners may even want to include a gym in their basement or increase its storage capabilities as well.

Etobicoke Basement Renovations

Etobicoke basement renovations with Finished Basements can fix persisting, long-term issues and further remake your basement into a space that suits your lifestyle, your goals and, most importantly, your budget. Basement renovations can take a long time, depending on the worker or contractor that you choose to go with. This process can be disruptive and costly. You also have to determine what kind of space you want to transform your basement into. Not all basements are the same, and in older houses, renovations may seem like a gargantuan task, especially since some foundations have been standing for generations. There are many factors involved in renovating your Etobicoke basement that may not be immediately obvious, but it stills remains a worthwhile, lasting investment.

The difficulty lies in making the best out of your Etobicoke basement renovation space. Basements can be narrow and have long ceilings, but they can also be wide and can give you plenty of room to work with. Whatever your needs may be, Finished Basement can help you achieve a finished Etobicoke basement that fits your basement renovation needs.

Finished Basement Projects in Etobicoke

Finished Basement has more than 20 years of experience in renovating basements in and around the GTA. Our approach involves a careful consideration of your basement space before work even begins. We understand that every basement is unique to your home, and work accordingly to the space that you have, helping you enhance this extra bottom floor, tapping into the often-forgotten renovation and design potential of your basement. We have award-winning designers and contractors that can address the persisting issues that may exist due to time and neglect. These include cracked foundations and water damage sustained by flooding that Etobicoke is prone to experiencing.

Our team can simultaneously elevate your basement’s design, function and storage capacity. Innovative and contemporary layouts and fittings can transport the design of your home and give it new life by making the basement seem more expansive than it is. Finished Basement has all the materials needed for any basement renovation in stock, ensuring that we save you 30% to 40% of the cost. Unlike traditional basement renovation contractors, our company ensures that your basement is completely finished and that all renovation costs are accurate. There are no hidden fees and we guarantee to beat all written quotes by 5%. Finally, to save you time and hassle, a full finished basement with our team can take up to only 2 weeks, instead of the months it takes for individual contractors to install kitchen appliances, cabinetry, ceilings, storage spaces, bathroom fixtures, and other daily living fixtures.

Finished Basement can consult with you on any and all aspects of your renovation. Contact us today for a free quote, and turn an old, underused and neglected basement space into a room of its own.