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Basement Renovation Cost MississaugaMississauga has a great mix of old and new homes. With that great mix comes a variety of options when deciding on a basement finishing Mississauga. This city has many old homes that already have finished basements. Done decades ago, a lot of owners will notice that a musky smell has started to appear in the basement. Unfortunately, this is likely the cause of improper insulation or poor craftsmanship. And when winter comes knocking, which it is sadly known to do here, condensation gets added to the mix and mold can start to form.

What’s worse, the mold can come as a result of many different problems. It could be backfill saturation which causes water to enter the basement due to a poorly install foundation. Surface water could also be entering the basement due to incorrect grading or drainage around the home. Plumbing issues, which are one of the leaders in homeowner insurance claims, can also cause problems. From water heaters and plumbing that leaks to burst washing machine hoses, the root of the problem can be varied, especially on older homes.

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Open Concept Basement

When you decide you want to rid yourself of any of these problems it’s best to bring in a professional. Because we focus exclusively on basements, this is one of our expertise.

If you’ve already dealt with these issues, or if you have a newer home that didn’t need this attention, we’ve got some great ways you can increase the livability of your basement right away. You’ve already got 7ft or higher ceilings, and no structural damage so you could bring in basement contractors Mississauga. We know because they work for us. You could be a few short steps away from having a great home theatre, home office or gym. With a basement in great condition, it wouldn’t take us long.

Basement Renovation Cost in Mississauga

basement renovation Mississauga

The logical question every home owner is asking themselves is how much would my basement renovation cost. We hear this question all the time and are ready to give you some answers. The answer is that there is no one answer, each project is unique. It all depends on how many sq.ft of space there is. What is the current condition of the basement, what needs to be repaired or replaced.

By far, the best and most economical way to start a basement renovation is to asses the current condition. If plumbing or wiring is done poorly, it is best to simply do a full demolition and start from scratch. If the backbone of the basement looks solid, it might just need a simple refresh which is not to be confused with a full renovation.

Considering todays prices for material and salaries to professional craftsman. A simple open concept basement would start at about $30,000. With union plumbers and electricians charging minimum $70 per hour it is difficult to find a quality basement job with a price lower than that. 

Some “companies” might offer quotes that are 30-50% lower than that. Many home owners are asking how is that possible? Now there are many ways to cheat on the quotation. 

When comparing quotes of other companies to a quote from FinishedBasement please take a look at things such as:

  1. How many SQ.FT did they include on the quote?
  2. Does your project include electrician?
  3. Does your quote include plumber?
  4. Is subfloor included in the quote?
  5. Are materials included in the quote?
  6. What is the quality of the materials they use?
  7. How long did they promise to do the project.

All these factors influences the final price.

It is possible to hire a one man contractor who is knowledgeable in all aspects of renovation and will end up taking 6 months – 1 year to finish the basement. Jobs that take longer time require less money as there is no need for a crew of 8 people (therefore no need to pay salary to 8 people) to finish it in 3 weeks. 

A lot of one-man companies lure unsuspecting home owners with low prices promising them great service, but in the end they waste their time with low skill workers who take months to finish.

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