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With a beautiful beachfront, rich heritage, prime location and affordable housing, Pickering, Ontario is a quiet urban neighbourhood that attracts many visitors and prospective residents into the town. Pickering is located in the Durham region and is home to a variety of services, amenities and picturesque locations. There is plenty of space and many outdoor areas to explore for more active lifestyles, while malls, town centres and an accessible public transit system ensures that Pickering truly is an urban hub at the coast. Originally native territory turned settler colony in the 1700s, Pickering has diversified, grown and evolved as a community, and has moved into more contemporary times while, at the same time, ensuring that it preserves the natural landscapes and the varied history within its borders. Pickering is home to the Pickering Museum Village, a unique living history museum that transports people of today to the past. Many homes mirror this merging of the past and present, with some houses having older foundations with newer, more contemporary structures built on top.

Having such old foundations can come with its own set of problems that some current homeowners and prospective residents may not notice at first glance upon purchasing a home in Pickering. Basements and crawl spaces can be subject to decades of disrepair and neglect, turning them into uninviting, degrading areas that residents may not immediately want to address. Basements, in particular, are usually seen as dark and generally unpleasant. Unfortunately, this lack of care can lead to even more problems that build up over time. Some issues include cracked foundations, the degradation of the floor of the home, and an infestation of mould, mildew, fungus and pests. Piping, plumbing, wiring and any heating units may also be in the basement, but may suffer from damage due to cold temperatures in the winter and humid conditions in the summer. Structural damage and any other gaps in the foundation, in particular, can lead to more headaches during snowmelts and heavy rainfall, as these make the basement more susceptible to flooding. Consequently, this invites the plethora of problems that will cost more to fix than it would cost to simply address the problem directly and permanently with a Pickering basement renovation.

Reasons to Renovate Pickering Basements

Sometimes, renovations for Pickering basements can be out of necessity than anything else. Whether it is due to disrepair, uninsulated pipes, mould infestations, recurring pest infestations or structural damage, basements suffer from a variety of problems with costly solutions that build up over time. Finished Pickering basements, when done well, ensure that you no longer have to deal with such issues and that the structure of your house is properly maintained from top to bottom, indefinitely. Pickering basement renovations usually involve fixing the existing structural problems, insulating the basement completely and waterproofing it so that it does not flood again. Professional basement renovators also reinforce the basement ceiling and, subsequently, the floor of the house above ground. Framing is also another task that keeps basement walls and ceilings plumb and level, when they have that bent, bowed or otherwise cracked under extreme weather conditions, neglect and flooding prior to the renovation.

Basement renovations are also a great way to expand underground, giving you more space, function and design flexibility with your home. It’s cheaper than moving to a bigger property that can afford you this much-needed space. This includes having an extra residential unit that can function as a separate secondary suite, fit for new members of the family, in-laws or live-in staff. It can be a valuable source of income as a rental, and this can be particularly lucrative as more and more people are choosing to move to Pickering. A finished Pickering basement adds further value to your home when you convert it into either a residential unit or recreational spot. Recreational areas such as games rooms, entertainment rooms, indoor home theatres, indoor gyms and more are perfect ways to have a more modern vibe into your house. They are great gathering places and transforms the idea of a gloomy basement into a bright, lively place fit for entertaining friends and family.

Finished Basement Projects Pickering

Basements are usually the most underused and ignored place in the home and, with rapid urbanisation, this means that homeowners tend to spend more time paying attention to renovating and remodelling above ground. During the renovation process, you may want to personally decide on various design aspects in remodelling this underground unit. Things like floors, ceiling and wall paint are basic basement interior choices, while furniture, lighting, fittings and cabinetry can truly elevate the look of a finished Pickering basement.

Finished Basement services the GTA and its surrounding communities, including Pickering, and helps you achieve the perfect Pickering basement finishes that are suited to your tastes, needs and wants. No matter your end goal, Finished Basement will pull together over 20 years of experience on more than 2000 projects across Ontario to deliver a quality, long-lasting renovated basement with careful attention to the details, making sure that this investment is truly worth your while. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality basement renovations in a timely and efficient manner. You can have a finished basement in the span of 2 weeks, complete with all the necessary adjustments, fittings, fixes and structural renovations that go into Pickering basement renovations. You also save money when you choose to work with Finished Basement, saving up to 40%, because we directly source our materials from trusted international partners in Europe and Asia.

If you are eager to get started on your basement renovation, or if you’re looking for basement renovation ideas, visit our showroom and main office in Mississauga, or give us a call. We can provide a free quote, an in-person inspection of the space to determine what needs to be done and, finally, will beat any written quotes brought to us by 5%.

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