Basement Subfloor Tiles

Basement Subfloor Tiles

As families grow into their homes, basement renovations become a necessity. Creating more functional space for everyone to use is always a driving force when renovating your basement.

Add a home office to get some quiet productive work in, create a spare bedroom for when relatives or friends stay with you, or creating an entertainment space are all common concepts when renovating your basement. But many things need to happen before you start using your new space with your friends and family.

Basement Subfloor Ideas

Once you have sat down with our estimator and design team, our skilled tradesmen get to work to create the basement of your dreams. We have highly experienced tradesmen with over 20 years experience in the GTA renovating basements, and they look after every detail to ensure you have a beautiful final product that you are proud to show off to friends and family.

As most know, unfinished basements are filled with cold concrete everywhere! The space is typically dark, dusty, and many remember running out of there when they heard a strange noise like the furnace starting up. As construction begins, our team gets ready to install the beautiful floor you have selected with the help of our design team. Many people ask us what goes into installing their floor in their new space. After any plumbing needs have been addressed our team beings laying down your new floor.

We use a subfloor tile system that creates a space between your concrete foundation and your new laminate finished floor. Many people ask us about basement subfloor ideas, or requirements. The basement subfloor tiles we use are constructed to fit together easily and quickly add to your budget savings. They are built with a very durable, high density plastic bottom that lifts the basement subfloor away from your concrete foundation in order to create a space for airflow and for any possible water seepage.

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Once the basement subfloor tiles have been laid down, our skilled tradesmen meticulously work their way across the whole newly installed subfloor to anchor it down before installing your new laminate. Because basement floors are never truly level, anchoring your basement subfloor tiles is a necessity in order to create a non-creaking floor. They walk the entire space, examining every area in order to ensure all tiles are secure and that there is no movement between the basement subfloor tiles and concrete foundation. Attention to detail is everything during this process as it sets up the basement for the rest of the necessary renovations.

Our clients always call us with questions regarding their basement floors before starting their basement renovations with our team Many ask if re-pouring and leveling before install is necessary. There are instances where that might be the case, but typically our raised basement subfloor tiles eliminate that very costly need. Once that key part of your renovation is complete the rest of the basement can be finished to create the basement of your dreams.