Looking for basement ideas to design not "just a finished basement"?

Looking for basement ideas to design not “just a finished basement”?

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For basements that are a blank slate.
Do you want a basement that flows with the rest of your home? A space that becomes your family’s favorite place to spend time? If you are looking for truly remarkable basement, then follow these simple steps as we walk you through our design/build process on the way to a Finished Basement Company basement!

Follow these steps to transform your basement:
Contact basement renovation contractor with good referrals and not less then 10 years off experience. The #1 priority of our first visit is to gain a full understanding of your needs for the space: how you will use your basement? How it should grow with you and your family into the future? You or your basement designer will share our philosophy around how your basement should flow, basement design and our unique design/build experience! We want the space to be an additional level of your home–not “just a finished basement”. If we seem like a good match, then we’ll move to our design process!

Next Step – Basement Design and Measure

At your Home – If time allows our designer may measure your space during your first meeting. If not we will come back out at a mutually-convenient time to create the as-built of your space.

As Built: Your designer will spend an hour to two hours in the basement creating an exact “as-built” of the space. In our CAD system we replicate your exact basement layout, creating an exact computer drawing of where all structural and mechanical elements are in your basement. Then we go to work! Click to see an example.

Next Step  – Basement Ideas Meeting

Starting with the as-built, your basement design team will have worked out several plans which capture the smartest design for the space. This is when our years of experience really bears fruit. We will show you basement ideas that you’ve never considered! Be ready to roll up your sleeves in this creative meeting. You are an important part of the design team and by incorporating your feedback we will take the best elements to create the “one” space plan best for your needs. On the budget side, we will check in throughout the meeting to ensure that we are designing a space that meets your budget expectations.


Construction of your space will take between 2 and 4 weeks depending upon the scope and complexity of your space. You will receive a detailed construction calendar and weekly updates throughout the project.

What to expect during construction:

  • The project manager will let you know exactly what will be happening everyday. They will give you a daily update and set up regularly scheduled meetings to check on critical design details.
  • Your upstairs will have minimal impact. We go through great lengths to ensure maximum dust protection and minimal disruption in your upstairs living area.
  • Your project will start and finish on time…guaranteed!
  • Our crews are the best in the business. They are courteous and very respectful of you and your property.
  • Daily job site clean-up. There is never a mess at the end of the day.
  • With very few exceptions, there is significant work happening daily. You will truly be blown away daily when you go downstairs and see the work of that day.

The New Level of your Home!!
You will hardly be calling it a basement—your new level of your home is now complete! Enjoy!!!

Perhaps you’ve seen one of our dumpsters in your neighborhood? We need to collect debris on each project, but why not do it better? This is just one of the many ways Finished Basement Company does things differently.

When partnering with Finished Basement Company on your basement finishing project or basement remodel, you benefit from almost two decades of our experience designing and building basements. We have completed thousands of projects.

But what does this mean for you?

“No Headaches” Construction
You’ll not only experience great design, but you’ll truly appreciate our finely-tuned construction management process. Our project managers are highly organized and attentive to detail, not to mention excellent choreographers of the many phases of construction. You will receive frequent communication regarding the progress of your project, and can be (or not be) as involved as you like.