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Basement Home Theatre Ideas

Who doesn’t love going to the movies to catch the latest blockbuster? Imagine capturing the cinema experience right in your own home, without the annoying cell phones ringing, the tall people sitting in-front of you, and the sticky floors. But before you go out and buy the hardware, think about the setting. Basement home theatre solutions can be divided into three categories: Projection, Wall Mount or Entertainment Unit. We can do it all. People’s ideas of basement home theatre rooms often differ. Just tell us what type of basement home theatre experience you want to create or renovate basements. All require different approaches to things like electrical, wall structure, insulation and even sub-floors.

Here are three use scenarios to help you plan and design the perfect basement home theatre space for you, family and friends to enjoy any night of the week.

Basement Home Theatre – Projection
Some homeowners want a dedicated, sound-proof basement home theatre room, with a massive projection system, surround sound, remote control lighting, stadium seating and leather recliners (with cup-holders) for that up-scale cinema feel.

Basement Home Theatre – Wall Mount
Others want more of a mixed used room with a big comfy couch and a coffee table in front of a large wall mounted flat screen TV,  so the space can be used for entertaining, and video gaming as well. Check out our basement family room ideas.

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Basement Home Theatre – Built-in Entertainment Unit
Some customers want a built-in entertainment unit with a recessed space for a large flat screen TV on a stand. This often makes the most sense if there are a number of components to hook up, like a digital cable box, PVR, and gaming console.

Basement Home Theatre rooms rank #3 on our list of great finished basement ideas.

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