Another Happy Client – Read this Basement Renovation Review

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Nothing makes us happier at Finished Basement then a satisfied client! Being in the basement renovation for 16 years now, project after project – the best reward is hearing that our clients are enjoying their new living space! What could be better then that!?

We Told YOU Basement Renovation Projects Don’t Have to be Stressful!

But better yet – hear it from our finished Basement Clients:

Vince was such a pleasure to work with. Very few clients off the bat know what they want to do to their basement space. Vince already had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish with his basement renovation project – down to every last detail! He was a very passionate, hands on client – letting his “inner Picasso” out. That being said – most clients are not really sure how they want their finished basement to look like. Or – they live very busy lives and need all design work and planning done for them. SFirst you need to think to yourself, what will I be using my basement for?

1. Do you need more living space in your basement?
2. Will the basement be converted into a rental unit? or In-Law suite?
3. Is the aim of your basement renovation to create business space?

After asking yourself “what will I be using my basement for”….things should easily roll from there. Well at least it does for us at Finished Basement. We tailor design each project, with you, during our design appointment.

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