How to Turn Your Basement into a Functional Space

Need Help with Basement Renovation Ideas?

Standing in front of four blank walls and a concert floor can give anyone a fright when thinking about a basement renovation. We don’t expect everyone to be the next Picasso. There are many things to consider when thinking about a basement renovation. In fact many crutial aspects of planning need to be thought of prior to getting the old broom and dust pan out. For example, where should the bathroom go? Do I need to move any duct work? Are there any foundation cracks? Do I need to get a plumber involved?

Our in house designer will take the stress off your back to make the impossible – POSSIBLE. Igor Ivasiv founder of, personally involves himself in all our basement renovation projects. Igor graduated with an Art’s and Polytechnic degree, which clearly shows in his work . With over 15 years of experience creating one of a kind basement masterpieces, Igor has had his hands in well over 500 basement renovation projects.

From start to finish we help design and complete your basement renovation to suite your needs, style and budget while maximizing your space. Igor has helped many people utilize their unused basement space into: home offices, play areas for children, entertainment centers, home spas and more.

Who knew that completing a basement renovation could be this easy?

Checkout our work for yourself, and start thinking about your basement renovation today! Flickr Page.