Basement Renovations in Ajax

Basement Renovation Ajax

No, basements are no longer the space for all the discarded items of the Ajax house. They demand more attention and a new use. With all the extra space and endless options you can convert your basement into one of your favorite corners in the house. Your basement deserves more attention and with a little planning you can make it one of the most happening areas in your house. Here’s how you can do this without splurging much:

Basement Renovations: Lighting

Make sure sufficient natural light comes into the basement. For this you can consider adding more windows and doors or replacing the existing ones with larger counterparts. With more light and better ventilation you can make your basement look brighter and vivid.

Basement Renovations: Bed and Bath

You can consider adding a bedroom and a half bathroom as well. Once you have determined who and how will be using the basement area, add amenities that will add to their convenience making the area an ideal place for them.

Basement Renovations: Kitchen and Appliances

Adding a mini kitchen in the basement will add to the comfort and ease of the basement. You can consider adding a small refrigerator, a microwave, a dishwasher and other essential countertop appliances.

Basement Renovations: Improving the Walls

Do not leave the walls blank. The concrete walls can be covered with plywood or paint to give it an aesthetic appeal. By giving a finishing touch to the walls you can make your basement look more like a primary living area.

Basement Finishing Company in Ajax

Basement Renovation Ajax

Finished Basements is a leading basement remodeling company in Ajax offering excellent services at affordable rates.

When it comes time to begin your basement renovation in Ajax, you can expect us to:

  • Restore and repair any damage to the existing walls of your basement
  • Address ventilation and wiring issues to ensure that the space is safe and user-friendly
  • Add optional components, such as sound-absorbing acoustic materials to the walls
  • Work efficiently to ensure that we finish your basement in as little time as possible
  • And more.