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Woodbridge sits in the Vaughan area and prides itself as an area that has a great climate and a great environment for adults and youth alike. It experiences cool, snowy winters, like the rest of southern Ontario, but can be a great place to relax in the summer as it’s relatively close to the lake. There are plenty of reasons to visit Woodbridge throughout all the seasons, and even more reasons to live in it. Due to its distance from the cramped streets and tall buildings of downtown Toronto, Woodbridge is home to many reserves, parks and areas where many can enjoy the outdoors while still being close enough to the city. Downtown Toronto and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are still accessible via public transport. There are also multiple, modern and metropolitan amenities available to residents and visitors to Woodbridge. The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is the most popular attraction, for example, and the Boyd Conservation Area provides acres of parkland for people of all ages. The research-based mental health facility, the OCD and Anxiety Clinic of Ontario is also located here.

Woodbridge is also a historic area, particularly due to British influence dating back to the 1800s, and the 1950s saw more Europeans settle in the area to put down their suburban roots. Because of this, there are many homes that have their own rich and diverse histories.

Unfortunately, this may also mean that some basement spaces are being underutilised, neglected, or both. Some are being used primarily as storage or simply a place to house the necessities of a southern Ontario home, such as heating and piping. Time, neglect and other external factors, such as flooding, contribute to the overall degradation of a basement area. This means that basements, without proper care and attention, are breeding places for mould, mildew and fungi, as basements are typically dark and humid. They can also be the root of structural problems, such as weak, cracked foundations. Some of these issues can persist and affect the living conditions above ground, making it more costly to keep up with repairs than it is to renovate a basement in the long run.

To that end, renovated Woodbridge basement renovations are a worthwhile investment for many reasons. The process of renovation highlights the areas for improvement in your basement and, at the same time, improve the overall look and functionality of this underused space. Woodbridge basement finishes benefits you more than you may think, and it can be used as more than just an unwanted storage area or a dreaded, water-logged floor. Woodbridge basements can be renovated to create extra space for the house, no matter how historic it is: whether it is to accommodate a growing family, welcome new tenants, make room for guests or make room for yourself.

While some basement fittings are absolutely necessary to make the basement fit for people to occupy – ventilation, windows and heating, for example – others are equally vital to enjoy and make the basement actually liveable. These include kitchens and counters, for example, or building new walls to create new rooms. Depending on the space available to you, you can have bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms in your basement. This is a particularly popular choice of layout for those who are looking to utilise their basement as a residential space. For a space geared towards entertaining family and friends, home theatres, gaming rooms, bar counters and bar areas are the usual choices for basement units used for this purpose.

Basement designs and layouts do not have to be limited to these options, however. There are endless possibilities for your Woodbridge basement renovations.

Finished Basement Projects Woodbridge

The main deterrent in basement renovations are the cost and the duration of the actual renovation. Basement renovation companies and individual contractors may quote you for extravagant prices or take up your time with months and months of renovations. This is an inefficient use of time with our modern lifestyles. In Woodbridge, most residents have to take care of their families and themselves. A lengthy basement renovation means having strangers come in and out of your home, day in and day out, and the sounds of constructions that follow. It also means waiting for materials to come in, installing cabinetry, and connecting all the necessary lighting and wiring to make the basement area both liveable and spacious. Finished Basement can do all this in two weeks. Our team works quickly without sacrificing any of the quality that you are looking for in a finished Woodbridge basement. Instead of sourcing our materials from external vendors and merchandisers, Finished Basement source materials from all around the globe directly and store our own materials in our headquarters in Mississauga. We will also guarantee to beat any written quotes brought to us by 5%. Additionally, we can save you up to 30-40% of the total renovation cost due to our direct sourcing method.

The Finished Basement team has over 20 years of experience in finishing and renovating basements. We make sure that we are there with you every step of the way: from planning and visualizing to carrying out the project and making sure that the basement is bright, well-lit, aesthetically pleasing and, most of all, functional, all according to your wants and needs. Our award-winning designers and contractors understand that each home is different, and we tailor our services and our basement renovations to our specific clients.

We can help you explore your Woodbridge basement renovation options with a simple quote and call to our main office. Contact us today for more information, and visit our showroom to view the future layouts, materials and rooms that you can have for your next basement renovation project.