How to Turn Your Basement into a Functional Space

Basement Renovation Tips

Some tips from the pro’s when thinking about a Basement Renovation:

We all know this can be a stressful process. Your home is not just a building, it’s your investment! At least this is how we see it at Finished Basement.

1. Attack Foundation Cracks: There is nothing worse then spending hard earned money on a basement renovation, to find water leakage down the read. So first things first, attack foundation cracks. This is defiantly something to be left for the professionals and not a DYI project. If foundation cracks are left untreated, your new basement renovation could be damaged down the road by seepage. Over time the moisture can cause mold to grow behind walls and under your floor. Any well established contractor should be able to spot them for you, and have them filed in.

2. Plan Ahead for Gas Lines: You never know, down the line you may want to add a pool to your backyard. Okay, maybe not a pool but a gas BBQ or outdoor fireplace? This is something we discuss with all our clients during the preliminary design of all our basement renovation projects.

3. This may sound like common sense, but make sure you enlist a Licensed Insured Contractor. There are many “do it yourselfers” out there. You definitely pay for what you get. What most people do not know, is if any damage arises to your home, as a result of a home renovation, your insurance company will not cover the claim. This is why it is very important to choose your contractor wisely.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more Basement Renovation tips from the pro’s!

In the mean time, checkout some of recent basement renovation projects. Flickr Page.