Basement renovations Markham

Basement renovations Markham

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Our basement renovations typically take from 2 to 3 weeks Start to finish. This includes finishing basement from scratch. Thanks to our time proven methods and systematic approach we are able to meet your deadlines.

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Hand picked materials are imported from all over the world to provide clients with top quality goods, at contractor and dealer discounts, of up to 20% to 60% off retail pricing.

Showroom and design centre

Our 3000 square foot showroom & design centre is full of life size bathroom variations, flooring, tile selections, vanities, saunas… even working toilets, to help you envision your budget in real life.

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You’re in good hands! Your basement will be personally designed for FREE by the founder Igor, who has over 35 years experience in engineering, complimented by a formal arts degree. He has designed over 1000 basement renovation projects and will help maximize the return on your investment!

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We are proud members of WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and carry contractor liability insurance to protect both ourselves and our clients. Our team are licensed, bonded and insured professionals.

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When you partner with Finished Basement, you’ll experience only the best. Quality of materials or service has never been compromised over the 20 years we have been in business. Have a look at our impressive Home Stars 9.8 score and accreditation with the BBB, which ensures our commitment to customer satisfaction.

From expansive parks to historic neighbourhoods, Markham is a diverse city with plenty of places to explore. Markham has all the comforts of a modern city and is without the hustle, bustle and noise of downtown Toronto. As the 16th largest municipality of Ontario, Markham has seen growth alongside the rest of Ontario.

Businesses are beginning to thrive more than ever, and the city sees more and more people visit its landmarks. These days, people even make their homes in Markham, establishing their own careers and families. However, as the city continues to expand, the number of living spaces become scarcer. Consequently, as the number of people in cities grow and individual interests develop over time, so too does the demand for more innovative spaces.

In the past few years, Markham has seen a rapid increase in the number of finished basements and other home renovations that aim to expand their space. However, the homes in Markham have also withstood the test of time. Foundations can be cracked, and piping and wiring can be outdated or need fixing. Neglected basements are also subject to flooding, especially during snowmelt in the spring and floods and storms throughout the year. All these aspects can make basements a challenge on their own, which can discourage homeowners and would-be basement renovators from starting their basement projects.

Markham is the perfect place to either begin a new lifestyle or continue to develop your own. We have found that in some areas, there are expansive underground basements that are being forgotten and left behind in the increase of urban growth. There is a considerable amount of outdated and underutilised Markham basements. With all these urban opportunities, it might be difficult to pay attention to the underground spaces that are ready to expand along with the cities and neighbourhoods around these homes.

Nevertheless, it is possible to take advantage of the demand of urban growth and use basements as another form of income for rent. You can also use it to create brand new spaces that you simply don’t have space for in your home above ground.

Basement renovation services we offer in Markham

Finished Basement assures first class quality renovation of the basement and we always deliver what people want in their basement. You can hire us for any kind of basement renovation needs. Here are our basement renovation services in Markham:

Contact us whenever you require any kind of basement-related service, our professional team will reach your doorstep on time.

  • Basement repairing and finishing
  • Basement wall improvement
  • Basement bedroom
  • Basement apartment
  • Basement bathroom
  • Basement kitchen
  • Basement lighting
  • Basement flooring

Expanding Markham Basement Spaces

Basements – especially in growing cities – can be transformed into basement apartments or spare bedrooms. These are growing in higher numbers to accommodate the growing residential demands of the city.

A simple search can inform you that rent for basement residences in Markham can go roughly between $600 to $1000, depending on the unit being advertised. Other Markham basement spaces can also be renovated as family rooms, games rooms, entertainment rooms and home theatres.

Think of the basement as just another floor in your home that can be improved and renovated – this is space that your family member can look forward to entering and inviting people to, rather than a floor in your home that is kept under lock and key. With a room dedicated to entertainment, Finished Basement can help you with the overall design, even taking into consideration sound and lighting, which depends on the height of the ceiling and the width of the room.

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When you renovate and remake this extra space according to your needs or the needs of your household, it has the added effect of drawing attention to one of the most neglected areas of your home. Cracked foundations, faulty wiring or burst piping can be more easily and quickly addressed with a finished, renovated basement that makes these issues more accessible, as opposed to having a basement that’s closed off by piles of storage, darkness and dampness that would naturally make individuals unwilling to enter the area in the first place.

A house with a renovated basement has a great value. Potential buyers will offer a higher price if your house has a renovated basement. Usually, potential buyers do not like to have an unfinished basement in their house. You can construct anything in your dream basement like a basement apartment, guest room or home office or home gym. It will definitely make your basement more functional and add more value to your asset.

With Finished Basement Company, we can ensure that the basement space can be welcoming with appropriate lighting, Ontario Building Code-compliant necessities and an innovative use of limited space for improved storage spaces.

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