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Scarborough lies to the east of downtown Toronto and can easily be considered one of the most spacious regions in the area. The large suburb has roots dating back to more than 300 years, making it one of the oldest established suburbs in Ontario. From its bustling urban centre to the expansive green lots of private properties, many families and homeowners can truly feel at home in this suburb, away from the noise and cramped streets of downtown. It is easily accessible by public transportation and is the site of many local attractions; among them, the Toronto Zoo and other natural parks and reserves. It is particularly an area where both small and big families can thrive, not only due to the space, but also due to the amenities and ease of access to multiple services. For example, it has the most schools operated by the Toronto District School Board and has a fair amount of private schools as well. Post-secondary schools like Centennial College and the satellite campus of the University of Toronto are also located in Scarborough. Both visitors and residents of this eastern Toronto suburb appreciate the vast space that they have, especially those who appreciate the outdoors. Most importantly, Scarborough offers an alternative and cheaper living costs than downtown Toronto. On average, as of November 2019, tenants in 1-bedroom units can cut their rent expenses by more than half the amount.

Taking all these factors into account, it’s no surprise that the population in Scarborough has grown exponentially over the years, due in part to the families that make up nearly 60% of the population.

Moving Down to Basement Units

As the families and the number of residents increase in Scarborough, so too does the need for space to accommodate them. Some may find it cramped and choose to move from Scarborough to another, farther and more spacious suburb, adding onto the costs that they want to avoid, either by signing new rental agreements and paying their deposits, or buying a new home entirely. The cost of moving itself can also be draining on the wallet, especially for Scarborough residents that are simply in need of more space to accommodate new members of their household. They must also consider taking up new work, additional time needed to travel to their existing jobs, and other adjustment troubles.

Consider, instead, moving these needs down to your basement. Basement units and spaces can be a more lasting alternative to address your needs and address existing structural problems within your home. Think of it as making use of a neglected floor in your home that has untapped design and construction potential. Imagine a possibility where going to the basement is something that you look forward to doing, instead of constantly dreading, especially if the primary reason is to constantly fix and repair problems with your basement, which includes flooding, cracked foundations, tending to frozen pipes and decluttering storage, among other issues. By undertaking a Scarborough basement renovation, you can address these problems in the long run by a skilful and innovative use of the space.

Basement units, if not being used for your family, can also be additional sources of income through rent. Renovations can be costly, but this cost can be earned back by the number of people looking for rental apartments and units in Scarborough. Window and lighting installations, proper insulation and sealing to prevent flooding and freezing temperatures, and new walls and rooms can fully transform your basement floor from unliveable to completely residential.

Scarborough Basement Renovation Ideas

In Scarborough, basements can also be spacious enough to accommodate contemporary lifestyles and hobbies. You can convert your basement into a home theatre, for example, that also has a gym, a washroom, a bar and extra storage space to store and organise your possessions. You can even include an extra room for guests and other residents of your home – no matter how temporary or permanent – in this basement space. Home theatres with modular bars and seating are perfect for entertaining family and friends without disturbing the residents in the upper levels of your house, complete with sound-absorbent stretch ceilings and backlit starry sky ceilings that give your basement a truly ethereal vibe that will make all members of your household excited to go to the basement. Additionally, indoor gyms are fast becoming the trend as they can be a way to maintain your health and fitness in your own space.

With the right planning and layout, all the necessary elements of your home do not have to be moved away from the basement, either. A functional basement does not have to sacrifice good design, and vice versa. Renovating and paying close attention to your basement is better than letting the basement problems fester, which may cause problems for you in the long-term.

Finished Basement Projects Scarborough

Scarborough finished basements are increasingly becoming a necessity, but clients often don’t know where and how to start. Finished Basement is a family-run business that can help you with any basement renovation needs, from the planning to design to execution. Our clients have consistently stated their satisfaction with our services. We save you time and money by, firstly, ensuring that you have a renovated and finished Scarborough basement in two weeks, and secondly, by helping you save nearly 40% of basement renovation costs. We do this by directly sourcing our own material, saving you the hassle of waiting for flooring, ceiling, framing and other construction materials, and the subsequent cost and duration of installing them. Additionally, we give a guarantee to beat all written quotes presented to us by 5%. If you are looking for time saving, affordable and quality basement renovations, look no further than Finished Basement.

Having a finished Scarborough basement is better than having a neglected one, and Finished Basement not only renovates the surface, but addresses and helps you fix the issues that have so far remained out of sight. Contact Finished Basement today to get a free quote and assessment of your future Scarborough basement renovation project.