Basement Subfloor Tiles

As families grow into their homes, basement renovations become a necessity. Creating more functional space for everyone to use is always a driving force when renovating your basement.

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Basement Bar Plans

Everyone can remember the years of getting ready to go out for a night on the town. Heading down to your favorite bar for some drinks and entertainment with friends, family, or that special someone.

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Basement Layout ideas

Visualizing your new basement space has become easier and easier over the years. Web based applications allow you to import pictures and manipulate them digitally.

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Home Gym Ideas

Designing your new basement living space is always an exciting experience. There are many directions you can take with your design and our team at finishedbasement.ca is always available to help with steering you in the right direction. One popular design feature is adding a home gym. Continue Reading →

Basement stairs idea

Basement Stairs Ideas

Your new basement space will go through many different designs and changes before you find just the right fit for everything. Our experienced team at finishedbasement.ca has worked tirelessly for the last 20 years in the GTA to make our clients basements the new focal points of their homes. Continue Reading →


Basement Office Ideas

The excitement of planning and designing your new basement living space can quickly become an overwhelming, disconnected reality if you do not have a plan and logical vision.

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basement apartment renovation

Basement Apartment Ideas

When you and your family begin the task of renovating your basement there are many directions you can take your new space. Will you be using the space for immediate family and extended gatherings. Will it become a space with a home office and laundry room? Will you add a bathroom? Or will it become a separate living space?
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Finished Basement Company

Finished Basement Company

When you have made the decision to begin looking for a finished basement company the search can take you on a wild ride! Do you ask friends for advice? What do you look for online? How do you go through all that information and make a responsible decision? Let our experienced team at finishedbasement.ca help get you started!
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